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  1. So it IS brand new ^^ Thanks for the confirmation and letting me know that I am not that stupid!
  2. Oh thanks, that was quick! So that was the 1.6.5 release then, I somehow missed that it was .135, Beta last was so I thought it was the same or 125, and as I didn't see it here as last available version I was more confused ^^
  3. Just downloaded Designer again and got this version? Anything new, something important changed?
  4. Hmmm for me there have been different filenames depending where it came from (not that it would be important) https://affinity.store/de/update/windows/publisher-beta/1/ was linked to: https://....cloudfront.net/windows/publisher-beta/1.7.0/affinity-publisher-beta-
  5. One thing that would be great to have: I have a Template Document that would often be reused and filled with different data in specific fields. So if I have placeholders in the document (variables) and could then use the command line + a document with the data to fill in (ini-style, json or xml or whatever can be automatically generated), that then would automatically export the document as new PDF would be great: publisher.exe "D:\Affinity Documents\template1.afpub" /fillvars "D:\Data\NewData.json" /exportpdf "D:\Affinity Output\NewDoc.pdf"
  6. Just as a Workaround, what you can do is: Create a new Shortcut to publisher.exe (on your Desktop for example) append the path to the template document (wrapped in quotes if path contains spaces) Example: "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Publisher.exe" "D:\Affinity Documents\Template1_Simple.afpub" (funny thing, this reproducibly instantly crashes my Virtual Maschine in VMware Workstation 12, some GPU SVGA crash, and yes I know, totally unsupported as VM)
  7. You can do it in the "Spread Setup" (or "Spread Properties" in Page context menu), but be aware, there is currently a Bug (I already reported), you have to fill out the Type + Page Preset manually again:
  8. Yes indeed, a complete new empty document is not asking for confirmation. I am not sure if it did when I wrote this ... but I cannot reproduce it. But the real problem was more the missing confirmation for the new document from clipboard, that does atleast contain the stuff that was in the clipboard, so one could argue that it is modified, and maybe someone already has something new in the clipboard, and would loose the "important" stuff that was in the document when closing without confirmation to save.
  9. Just found the solution for one of the problems here from MikeW: POST "Right-click in it and choose expand. It's a variable. You can also insert it as text instead of a variable and even add your own text to insert in Preferences. "
  10. af-user

    Text frames

    You're welcome, happy to help
  11. I have created a simple document with linked text frames and filled it with the filler text. Added some paragraph settings etc and I now cannot select text elements anymore. Only the full text. I can start typing and it will add characters at the start of the text. If I click the right arrow on the keybord to go to the next character position it jumps to the end of the full text. Template1_Simple_edit_text_not_working_not_selectable.afpub And if the text is selected it doesn't highlight all text elements (see screenshot.)
  12. Hi, I expect you have seen the tutorial videos already and know how to create linked text frames (https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286540600/). So do you mean something like an option like "Auto link text frames with the next added text frame"? Sounds like an interesting idea if it dosn't already exist yes. Or something like this when inserting text:
  13. When changing one dimension of the spread properties of a page, it seems to screw up something: Changing only 210 mm to 180 mm and click OK: Reopen Spread Properties: Additionally in the Pages-List it seems like the first page would be higher than the next pages.
  14. I am heavily using the function "New from Clipboard" ("ctrl + alt + n"). Now I have not seen it anymore in Publisher in the menu and not in the settings for keyboard shortcuts under file. But it is still working with the shortcut, so I hope it will not get removed completely and is just currently missing and will "come back"? For me the shortcut would still be enough as I only use the shortcut, but I really love that in all programs. So please don't remove it.