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  1. I like it, and the msi creator is nice, too Could be improved if one could predefine the values for the inputfields in the commandline
  2. Hi, just came across this image and it looks OK in FireFox + IE but Designer + Photo places some objects outside of the image. Edit: OK this should have gone to the normal bug section, because it is not specific to the beta but you can move it if you like ^^ Radiation_warning_symbol2.svg
  3. So I think it will not be possible to revert back to the old beta as they expire after a month. But I totally understand it, especially now as it seems that betas get released once a month? Or will there be quick hotfix releases because the crashes?
  4. af-user

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Affinity Studio will be born, if you own all 3/4 products, containing all personas. It is totally possible from what I know.
  5. af-user

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    That list is only so short because they publish new betas all 2 days now ... and nobody is able to test enough to report new problems ... craaazy ^^
  6. Heeeeey you rollout new releases faster than I can download them!
  7. af-user

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    And I thought you all went to sleep Mode after the Release ... Thanks for proving I was wrong
  8. Congratulations to the new release! So Christmastime can come and get you all some sleep
  9. I see you all are on some good stuff again, working so hard, so many fixes, great and thanks for all your great work!
  10. In the past I (and others reported) had some corrupted files, especially I had for example a crash at program start because of a corrupted AppData-Affinity-Folder, that later turned out to be a corrupt assets.propcol file. I don't have the broken files any longer, but I was thinking about a way of recovering data out of such corrupt files. Is there already a tool or command line switch or other way to try to recover such files? If I think I would manage all my assets and brushes in those files and out of a sudden it get's unusable for the Affinity program, I would go crazy. It would be good to have a tool that could try to read the file and try to recover as much as it could and write a new file with all that could be recovered (keeping and not writing to the corrupt file of course). Maybe rewriting header or stuff like that, or if it can't detect the file from the file itself, that someone can say, hey this was an assets.propcol file for example and then it tries to recreate it.
  11. Affinity Designer + Microsoft Office 2016 Word Case 1 Steps to reproduce: create a new Word Document enter some lines of text insert an image select all text and the image copy create a new document in Affinity Designer paste Expected: Text and image(s) are pasted Actual behavior: Only text is pasted Case 2 Steps to reproduce: create a new Word Document insert an image select the image copy create a new document in Affinity Designer paste Expected: The image is pasted ad seen in Word Actual behavior: The image is pasted as flipped vertically Additionally The Image is wrapped inside a Group + Curve + Pixel Layer
  12. Discovered a small bug: create a new document of the type "Print (Press-Ready)" select the Vector Brush tool and paint something () select the move tool (the painted object gets selected automatically) from "Brushes" select any different style from "Styles" select any style press ctrl + z Expected: you see the previously selected Brush line style Is: the object gets invisible In history you see all 3 steps. Even if you switch between the steps the object stays invisible for the step "Set linestyle". Update: this doesn't happen with the document type "Print"
  13. I thought so, because only to mention one "known issue" was forcing me to add this like I did, soory!
  14. Add to "Known Issues": - Rect Marquee Tool + cut & paste (Pixel) still doesn't insert at original position