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  1. I just tested it and modified the launcher to behave like I said (switched by how the exe is named) and found 2 problems: 1st if I launch the other old launcher with this as argument (yes I experimented a bit), Photo2 crashes: affinityphoto2.exe "I:\TEMP\affinity2\Alice\\"" 2nd the current aflaunch "modifies" the arguments as it adds surrounding quotes that can make a difference and so I found the other crash ^^ this crashes the current aflaunch: aflaunch.exe -a Photo2 -b Retail I:\TEMP\affinity2\Alice\ btw: I just tried how it behaves if I give a directory as argument and usually the message is that this filetype is not supported ...
  2. As I often have to work with proxies, too, I feel your pain! ... just one small hint, it is: https://...
  3. Just for the ones that like experiments: If you analyze or extract the MSIX file with the Microsoft tool "MSIX Manager" you get the following information: msixmgr.exe -Unpack -packagepath affinity-designer-2.0.0-RELEASE.msix -destination c:\tmp2\Designer2MSIX [Warning] The app SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityDesigner2_2.0.0.1640_x64__3cqzy0nppv2rt depends on the following packages to run correctly. Please ensure these package dependencies are installed on the target machine or included beside the app package: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop Successfully unpacked and applied ACLs for package: affinity-designer-2.0.0-RELEASE.msix If your package is a store-signed package, please note that store-signed apps require a license file to be included, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Business One important hing here is: "Please ensure these package dependencies are installed on the target machine or included beside the app package: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop" Maybe Serif could share the depended package with the other package to have it available. As a workaround you could use the extracted program, but it behaves a bit different, than it would if you install it as MSIX! It uses different paths for storing files, maybe it will then be similar to where the MSI-Version will store the files, but that only Serif can tell. So licensing will be different, too, if you install as MSIX or extract! Here example for different folders: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Publishers\3cqzy0nppv2rt\Affinity\Common\2.0\ vs C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Affinity\Common\2.0\ WARNING: Don't put an ending Backslash to the destination path, for me it threw an error: -destination c:\tmp2\Designer2MSIX MSIX Tool: https://github.com/microsoft/msix-packaging/releases/tag/MSIX-Core-1.1-release VCLibs Download: For those without (working) Windows Store you can: go to: https://store.rg-adguard.net/ switch from "URL (link)" to "PackageFamilyName" Search for: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop_8wekyb3d8bbwe This will generate time limited links for downlianding the packages manually for these different platforms: arm, arm64, x86, x64
  4. Hi just an idea, you could make a single laucher and based on the filename it lauches the specific app. So you can just copy the same exe and name it apublaucher.exe for publisher or aphotolauncher.exe for Photo. Or use a configfile.
  5. I think your file is named .bat.txt at that moment, because Windows is hiding the extension since longer time now.
  6. There should be an FAQ but it seems missing/hidden: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167828-accessing-affinity-v2-apps-from-other-apps/
  7. There are problems and change the way the software behaves, so be careful. You should be able to just doubleclick the msix file, it should start an app installer. if not, the file assosiation might be missing for whatever reason? Support should be able to assist. Details: manual extraction does not rename some resource folders, leading to missing page templates like a4 a3 etc for example. Second it us not running in sandbox mode and storing files in different lications than it would normally do!
  8. I can tell, that there was a last newer Beta v1.10.5.1342 around March 7 2022 with these changes: Changes Fixed sporadic issue with images incorrectly rendering depending on their alpha outline Fixed crash in export of EPS and WMF when there were missing resources The final release had the same version with these changes: We are pleased to announce an update for the Windows release of Affinity Designer, version 1.10.5 (Note: 1.10.4 and 1.10.5 are Desktop only (released on macOS and Windows) and are not iPad releases) The detailed changes in Affinity Designer for Windows 1.10.5 (over the last release Affinity Designer for Windows 1.10.4) are as follows: Fixes & Improvements: Fixed registration failure (will now use the browser to complete registration, rather than attempt it in-app) Improved performance of artboards with many Text Frames. Fixed possible rendering issues with Raster elements. Help & localisation improvements. The improvements in 1.10 over 1.9 are listed in some detail in this 1.10.0 Designer Windows update announcement Maybe it would be better if you ask for this problem here as a new post? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-macos-and-windows/
  9. Yes I know. The old betas were distributed using different places, the one you mentioned I think was overwritten with the newest version, some have the version in the filename and then there were dropbox links. If there is a special need for a specific version I might be able to make it available as I have "nearly" every version that got released (Windows only), if the staff is ok with it. But they have an expiry date in them.
  10. Older release versions are here: Windows: https://store.serif.com/update/windows/designer/1/ MAC: https://store.serif.com/update/macos/designer/1/
  11. Congratulations for the new great release! oh ....: "There is currently new free content available to claim in the Welcome Screen" damn, I will have to wait until tomorrow what this is teasing
  12. OK I see it ("New from Clipboard") should be back in File menu for at least the other personas, as you should be able to configure your shortcuts for every persona from here Layout = Publisher Vector = Designer ...
  13. Maybe you copy objects and want to paste it as new publisher document. Additionally if you switch inside Publisher to Photo or Designer, you might want it back again
  14. Yes I had reported once the same feeling. For me it is scrolling very "slowly". And no support for Middle-Mouse-fast-scrolling Mouse: Logitech G602 Windows 10 1803 publisher_scroll_vid2.avi
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