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  1. This is the font: https://befonts.com/manhattan-darling-typeface-bonus.html The download link on the bottom of the page contains the otf: gfxfile.com/6Am/Manhattan_Darling.rar
  2. I have a reproducible freeze with the TextOnPath feature for a special Font. The Path was created like this: Artistic Text Tool Font: Manhatten Darling type only one letter: g convert to curve use Artistic Text Tool to use the path to write Text on it Type in multiple random characters --> Freeze The Path created from that special Fonts "g" is not good, but maybe it could avoid to freeze. File to reproduce attached. TextOnPath.afdesign
  3. Glad it's working for you again!
  4. Or some options for designer to avoid usage of grapchics adapter: Change in Options --> Performance the Renderer to WARP Run with additional parameter: --no-hw-ui example: designer.exe --no-hw-ui
  5. Other steps take some time: Best option would be: If any spare ssd / hdd availabe, quick install a fresh windows 10 1803/1809 on a new disk if available or internet speed is fast enough Or get another computer from someone / or install Virtual Machine Windows Image / system file check sfc / scannow Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (https://howtofixwindows.com/run-dism-command-windows-10/) Just some additional ideas: check your disks for problems check your date and time remove any overclocking
  6. Any chance to use another computer or OS (Windows?) Installation? I think a simple reboot was already a try?
  7. Hi, what is the error message / Crashreport available? Any example document that you can share? I think that would help to speed things up. Exact Version of your Affinity Program (I expect you use the release version, so trying with the beta could be an option (Make Backups of your documents before using in Betas):
  8. af-user

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Congratulations for the new great release! oh ....: "There is currently new free content available to claim in the Welcome Screen" damn, I will have to wait until tomorrow what this is teasing
  9. OK I see it ("New from Clipboard") should be back in File menu for at least the other personas, as you should be able to configure your shortcuts for every persona from here Layout = Publisher Vector = Designer ...
  10. Maybe you copy objects and want to paste it as new publisher document. Additionally if you switch inside Publisher to Photo or Designer, you might want it back again
  11. Yes I had reported once the same feeling. For me it is scrolling very "slowly". And no support for Middle-Mouse-fast-scrolling Mouse: Logitech G602 Windows 10 1803 publisher_scroll_vid2.avi
  12. Hmmm for me there have been different filenames depending where it came from (not that it would be important) https://affinity.store/de/update/windows/publisher-beta/1/ was linked to: https://....cloudfront.net/windows/publisher-beta/1.7.0/affinity-publisher-beta-
  13. One thing that would be great to have: I have a Template Document that would often be reused and filled with different data in specific fields. So if I have placeholders in the document (variables) and could then use the command line + a document with the data to fill in (ini-style, json or xml or whatever can be automatically generated), that then would automatically export the document as new PDF would be great: publisher.exe "D:\Affinity Documents\template1.afpub" /fillvars "D:\Data\NewData.json" /exportpdf "D:\Affinity Output\NewDoc.pdf"