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  1. Dreyko


    really if it says gamer, I'm not a professional designer but I love digital art: 3
  2. bandicam 2019-02-05 15-42-11-221.mp4
  3. Dreyko

    Pen tool issue

    It's funny, because that error does not always happen bandicam 2019-01-26 08-34-34-231.mp4
  4. Dreyko

    Wallpaper particulas

    Hola buenos días, la verdad me encanto esta nueva versión de Affinity Designer, mas rápido mas fluido realmente se siente mas optimizado bueno ya solo quería compartir este fondo, sigo practicando y avanzando lento pero seguro :3
  5. Thank you very much for your comment, I will take it into account
  6. Dreyko

    Text Flame

    Hello everyone, Because here in a time of leisure trying new cracteristicas and using texts with textures and brushes, this was what came out have a nice day
  7. Dreyko

    Simple Eyes made with Designer

    woooo I loved that effect really very good :D :D :D :D :) ;)
  8. Dreyko

    Thanks Affinity

    I only did it once the hexagons but I keep everything for any occasion, As if it were a plot, I've seen other things like how to do that without so much work Placing embedded images but I still see tutorials XD
  9. Wow, I really like it! Very cool ! :) :D
  10. Dreyko

    Amateur astronomer

    Woow, incredible illustration the work really clean and very good technique with the inking and handling of tones, I loved it, thank you for sharing your great work
  11. Dreyko

    Thanks Affinity

    Asies, it has always been a big problem for me these metal effects and adding those blur effects, but with affinity I have managed to make the panels by doubling a row and uniting until the desired size is reached, irregularities are seen in the forms since I gave them a Gausseano blur to give it a bit of a realistic, I have much to learn but there is little by little
  12. Dreyko

    Thanks Affinity

    uploaded!! ready!
  13. Dreyko

    Thanks Affinity

    Hello, I would like to show you a little progress of what I have been able to do thanks to affinity designer, I love this program
  14. Hello! I have been searching for the internet and I would like to know if you can do that halftone effect in affinity designer, I have tried with affinity pfhoto but it handles me in pixel