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    bajqo got a reaction from Przemysław in Subtract doesn't work correctly   
    Hello I have similar problem. 

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    bajqo got a reaction from Jowday in Subtract doesn't work correctly   
    Hello I have similar problem. 

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    bajqo reacted to Sean P in Slices Export button dissapear   
    Hi Bajqo,

    Looking at your video the bottom set of Panels (Transform, History and Navigator) aren't actually attached to the Side Pane ( you can see the X button in the top left of the group as tho they are floating). This means that when you redock it, the Transform panel group is covering up the buttons.

    Just grab that bottom set and snap it below the Slices/Layers panels and you will see the buttons/bottom of the panels.
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    bajqo reacted to Sean P in Corrupted multipages pdf   
    Thanks for your help MickRose! Much appreciated.
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    bajqo reacted to MickRose in Corrupted multipages pdf   
    2 things to change
    1) Document/Colour setup should be CMYK/8 and not RGB
    2) Export as PDF/X 1A rather than PDF (for print)
    The main thing is to keep everything as CMYK and not RGB.
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    bajqo reacted to MEB in Affinity Designer: measure line/path length   
    Hi Natallia,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    No, there's no way to measure the length of paths. I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.
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    bajqo got a reaction from Oelkbura in Crashed when click on Artistic text tool   
    Just bought affinity designer and trying to learn how it works but every time when click on artistic text tool or uses shortcut T affinity designer crashes.
    I cant write any text. The whole report of crash is in attachment.
    Thanks for any help.
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