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  1. Just a thought: it's a fairly standard convention in some of the graphics programs I use, to just double-click the origin box joining the rulers to reset. It's the first place I try when opening a new program and have screwed up the rulers.
  2. Me, I'd be happier than a pig in fecal material if you folks just took "the best of the best" features in products, both existing, such as CorelDRAW, and orphaned, such as Creature House Expressions. There's a lot to like with AD, and I'd just like to see it grow without falling while running, as some other commercial software has done. Good luck, Jim. Other products will self-destruct in 10 seconds. ☞ ♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬.... ☺ —g
  3. AuthorAuthor

    Platonic Geometry

    I got on a roll last year with trying to shade very simple shapes elegantly in an effort to sort of put opposite qualities together in a single composition. I used TopMod to fuss around with a Platonic shape; it's a wonderful, free, therapeutic modeling program.
  4. AuthorAuthor

    Fire in the air

    Beautiful! Milton Glaser did something not quite as refined, as a poster protesting global warming recently.
  5. AuthorAuthor

    AGFA Camera

    I discovered a few really awful photos of a camera my Dad gave me when I was about 8 years old, a trusty, nearly indestructible AGFA. So I used what I could find as references on eBay, and took the approach that if an area isn't clear in any of the photos, I'd draw it that way.
  6. AuthorAuthor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Oval, I think you forgot the tags <sarcasm> and </sarcasm> -g
  7. I was kidding. Before Windows, I had my share of command line work, and DOS programs that attempted to create a GUI. I use a command line today to play Zork, and that's about it. My point, though, Paristo, is that a program, one can call intuitive—to varying degrees of success—I believe depends on how easy you make it to immerse the artist in the UI. To me, a proxy box popping up is not only interruption, but also wakes me out of a sort of "dream state" I've been in, ignoring real and virtual stuff around me and just concentrating on my task. And 100% agreed that there are many "offenders" in the Good UI arena, including Microsoft. I just picked on Adobe Systems because I think they get lazy once in a while, resting on their laurels and reality that they're a market leader. It happens. Sometimes, but not always, I can accept the reality that some programs, Illustrator in particular, demand idiosyncratic moves on the user's part. That is, non-intuitive gestures and key combos that once the user has memorized, make the program more accessible. This is relative, of course. But it also explains why person X doesn't "get", for example Illustrator, and dismisses it as a tool. While person Y has "met the program half-way", and works like lightning through it, bedazzling on-lookers. • More than anything else, I'd like to see keyboard customization, extensive customization, available in a future build. • Real, inspired use of options on the right-click context menu. • Use of keyboard Ctrl, Alt, Shift in combination with the mouse wheel. To constrain motion, to add to a selection while defining the selection…if the mouse wheel is only for zooming and scrolling, then it's being wasted as an input thing the rest of the time. I really, really love the way this entire line of software is heading. Many, many thanks for including Windows in your user base. Please continue to keep it fast, tight, and open for revisions based on artist input. One Happy Camper, Gary
  8. AuthorAuthor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Oh, absolutely! That was "creative hyperbole" (for those can't say "exaggerate). I use inventive non-rational accounting to cover my software expenses. Software X is less than a set of snow tires, Software Y is 4 gallons of Haagen-Daz, and so on.
  9. AuthorAuthor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    At the risk of being screamed at, we're talking about $50 U.S. for a new registration? Um, isn't that chicken feed to actually own, and not cloud-rent, a capable DTP program? Seriously, competitively speaking, what place does this put APub in? I think my bottle returns are worth $50 this week; "chump change" is not worth sweating anything over. My 2¢, devalued and cost-adjusted for Today's World™, g
  10. To wax anal here a little (?), I read the Microsoft Guide to Interface Design, 246 B.C., and one of the mantras was, "Do not let the UI get in thne way of the user's creative process." Adobe Systems violates both the letter and the spirit of this, with "proxy boxes" all over the place. Dear Adobe Systems: It's called a graphical interface. We're supposed to drag and move live in the document window, not an interruptive dialog or proxy box. Why don't you just send the user to a command line? Seriously, Affinity shall continue winning awards as long as you avoid the pitfalls of those who've gone before you. TIA for listening, Gary
  11. Hi Jet and thanks for the info. Just a stray question here from a keyboard combo kinda guy. Would holding Ctrl/Cmd while using the pen get rid of the need to move your pointing device up to a toolbar to change the pen's properties? I'm not quite following, with a superbly engineered existing program why context menu options aren't specific to a tool, and why Ctrl and Alt/Opt don't serve an "extended" purpose. I'm not presumptuous enough to suggest a design, but CorelDRAW and other design programs make extensive use of keyboard shortcuts, so they can clutter the toolbars with other stuff :). Love to see the Best of the Best in the new version. My Best, Gary
  12. "Deep mole" was an unsuccessful play on all the spy stuff going on these days, sorry! "Bait and wait" would have been a better term. If a trial you're locked into "eats" your previous version, this is known in consumer circles as "bad" May I throw out an alternative: Digital Film Tools 55mm lens effects? I got this ages ago, and it installed under Win10 fine, although I don't have a lot of high hopes of finding future versions. The product seems to have been split in two, half video filters and half Photoshop now. Meps! Filter Forge is my new fave f0or texture creation. It doesn't do a whole lot for photo enhancement, except for a preset called Pseudo HDR, actually a watercolor-type filter the likes of which I've not seen before! Example:
  13. Thanks for that, Ben. It will surely be useful in my work. The vector programs I've used to date allow snapping of nodes, but not their handles, to other objects. My Best, Gary
  14. I love the new, more robust UI that was sorely lacking when Nikon was stewarding the Collection. I see now, though, that the free collection might have been a "deep mole" to get you to buy the next, not free version. I'm on the Google giveaway and holding. Show me improvements I can't live without. My 2¢, Gary
  15. AuthorAuthor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Nice, guy. Just the other day, met him in the Steno pool. I said, "Hi, Fenation!" He said that pun sucked, but it was fast.