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  1. thisldo


    I am following this discourse between you two and would like to add my support for this venture. The book would most definitely be a success I'm sure! The eejits characters alone would be worth the price, and a story to go along with them would be the icing on the cake. Just know that I admire you two more than you know....
  2. thisldo


    Wild applause coming from the deep South USA!! I adore your creatures and your magnificent sense of humor. This just makes my day!! Thanks for sharing here.
  3. thisldo


    Always fun to pop in here and see some more eejits!! I am such a fan of your artistic style and humor! Thanks also to jmwellborn for providing a good laugh and I applaud your poetic style. From a fan...….
  4. Ok! Great! I have d/led this and will give it a right good study for sure. It looks as if it was a lot of work for you to put this together to share but please know it is appreciated by all of us less talented folks. At this point most of what I am doing with AD is creating little cartoon character types for my own amusement, but I hope to be able to start to add some texture/shading/excitement to them by using some of what I am going to learn from your wonderful chart. Thanks!
  5. thisldo

    Material design asset pack

    I had the original but I just now picked up this new one. Looking forward to using in some projects. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable time and your fantastic talent.
  6. thisldo

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    As an avid fan/follower of your work I can only say...…..please?
  7. thisldo

    Inktober 2017 Vector Reworking

    Always a treat to see your fantastic work! Your talent amazes me . And may I take this opportunity to say thank you for your always useful shares of resources. Although my doodlings will never amount to anything except to me, I find using your shares in my simple drawings improves them. I am grateful.
  8. thisldo


    Yes, I've been missing your work. :-)
  9. thisldo

    Caricature in Designer, Raster

    Fantastic talent! Thanks for showing us your brilliant work.
  10. thisldo

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Thanks! I appreciate your fast response.
  11. thisldo

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Although I registered two days ago...and I am able to d/l from the site, when I try to login I get a message saying the account has not been activated. I have checked my email , and also my junk folder, but have received nothing back. I guess as long as I can d/l it's OK, but I should be able to login.
  12. thisldo


    Most appropriate eejit! I love this one....but then all your critters are spot on. Nice work!
  13. thisldo


    Good morning eejits. I've just been enjoying your fabulous work. I so admire your art style and imagination!! Just wanted to let you know your sharing here is much appreciated and admired.
  14. LOL dutchshader. I was not sure....it looked to me more like a "morning after a big night" face. But I tried....
  15. You guys....LOL. This whole thread made me try to do a "pun face".... Just kidding of course. Your original picture ianrb is great, and I like how the rest of the folks expounded on it too.

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