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  1. i know I will love these thankyou.
  2. oh these look wonderful ...thankyou.
  3. WOW lovely selection thankyou
  4. hi Adam

    I am hoping you can help me find the right person or the proper department to ask about  affinity donating one of your books as a prize for our affinity Christmas competition

    yes I know this is probably not the correct way to go about it blurting it out like this  ...but I am a Yorkshire lass

    we call a spade a shovel in these parts 'tha nose'.

    anyway if its you ... that's great   I will let you know why you should let us get our mitts on the photo and affinity books ...if its not you...please would you be so kind as to let me have an email so I can ask the right person

    thanking you in advance  Teejay.

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      and I have NO idea why part of that text is underlined sorry about that.

    2. Teejay2011


      you havent forgotten me have you Adam.... Adam....hey Adam.... 

    3. Teejay2011


      AAAAAAAAAAhem hem cough hem hum  ahem hem   bit of a cough here ahem hem...... hellooooo

      helloo hello am I invisible  hello  can anyone see me...is anyone out there .....



  5. i did get that message a few times and i always say yes to restore the file...
  6. hi am up loading auto saves oops just saw your post mark ingram as far as i remember t i have not had any message that said it failed to save to file i belong to a forum that works with affinity designer (Pirc ) and we ask there if anyone has had the same problems .. i am sure if i had had that message i would have asked others.... but maybe not.. you are all hero's in my book ... thanks again for listening and mending the broken bit. T tjsautosave.zip
  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw i mean yeeeeeeeeehaw you did it i am so relieved i am in the process of uploading those manky files but i must tell you those two files did not do it alone. i saved and uploaded the 2 temp files then i deleted those two files i opened Designer and still got the message i went and removed the 01 \auto files and that did it .... now i have those auto files in a different area ...do i need them ...what i mean is ...i dont want to put those back but i dont want to delete them if i need them... i wish i were in the know about stuff like this ...so i will keep them seperate until you tell me different. thank you so much ... yes thankyou thankyou.T
  8. ok i am in no way pc savvy but i downloaded the process monitor i ran it and launched Designer ..it takes around 40 to 60 seconds to show the start menu (this is normal for me) i then closed it by clicking the top right X and got the message . i have saved the Logfile.PML if you need any other information i will be pleased to provide it and thankyou for replying. my fingers are crossed. LogfilePML.zip
  9. hi i was hoping you would suggest something i could do to get this problem sorted out. Do you have any suggestions ... is there something that can be done would it make a difference to un install and then reinstall if so ..how do i uninstall cleanly. if nothing is to be done are you working on a fix in the next download...in short what is happening please . i cant tell you how frustrating this problem is.
  10. No .i do not get that message when i start. I can make a new doc and use all tools and all personas i can save my work. It is only when i try to closer that i get that message.
  11. i am clicking the short cut to open am now going to right click on the shortcut and open as administrator ... I STILL get that manky message when right clicking on the destop shortcut icon and open as admin..... once loaded i try to close and cannot because of the message. I only know of opening the programs via the desktop shortcut...how else can i launch Designer i will try anything at this point...
  12. hi have just downloaded and installed i.6.1.93 and I STILL cannot shut down or close or click the X I STILL am getting that message and have to close with the task manager..... I thought it would right this but it is still the same. I just realized it will not save my preferences either for instance I prefer the smallest nodes and the lighter IU after closing with the task manager then launching designer my changes have been ignored and are back to default my document size goes back to default too (before it would use the last settings ) this is really frustrating...
  13. If i start the app and then try and close it i get i get message.
  14. awwwwwww i thought that might be it ...but it isnt checked thanks so much for giving your input.. i can still do everything else as normal in AD its just closing and its driving me nuts. but thanks i appreciate your help.
  15. yes if i open designer and do nothing but try and close it ...i get that message.