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  1. Teejay2011

    Original Styles

    thankyou Callum i took advantage of your generous offer and downloaded them because i didnt think to save the defaults before upgrading
  2. i think it would be very nice to give that 'not a menu' button thing a few more powers it would be really good to give it organization powers over the brushes just as the same icon in the assets has the move up move down would be AWESOME dont you think
  3. is that the only thing it does ...it opens the brush editor the same as double clicking on any brush. thanks for putting me out of my misery.
  4. thanks for answering but my main brush menu where you can create a brush export and import etc is working it is the menu button next to the brush category that has my chewing the armchair. should it organize the brushes like that same menu in the assets ...that menu allows you to move up or down in your list of categories which is a great help in keeping things in some sort of order.
  5. hi, i cannot open the menu that is next to the brush category what must i do to open it and what is in the menu thanks
  6. Teejay2011

    The colour mesh

    Thanks very much for your quick answer. I am really glad to know its still on the cards .
  7. hi when the Affinity first launched i remember seeing a clip .... someone from the affinity team were discussing what was to come this person said the code was written for the colour mesh tool ....and they just needed time to install it my question is How much time... if this tool is to be in the next version of Affinity then ok .. i understand the need to have reasons to buy .. but when ... its been a long time waiting. Or have you dumped that tool altogether. thanks .Teejay.
  8. i have show hidden folders selected ..but when i go to the appdata and get to the sffinity designer 01 i have files but my styles are not there.
  9. i would REALLY like to know this too please.
  10. Teejay2011

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    wow glad I got the heads up on your brushes I LOVE your speckled brushes they are perfect for how I shade I played for half an hour to give them a bit of a run... fabulaous all of them here is my play with them... all your brushes and a couple of ellipse sy sies ... lol thankyou so much
  11. Teejay2011

    Texture Brush Packs [Hatching version 2]

    i know I will love these thankyou.
  12. Teejay2011

    Texture Paint [mixed nozzle raster brushes]

    oh these look wonderful ...thankyou.
  13. Teejay2011

    Xmas texture styles 1+2

    WOW lovely selection thankyou
  14. Teejay2011

    how to close designer

    i did get that message a few times and i always say yes to restore the file...
  15. Teejay2011

    how to close designer

    hi am up loading auto saves oops just saw your post mark ingram as far as i remember t i have not had any message that said it failed to save to file i belong to a forum that works with affinity designer (Pirc ) and we ask there if anyone has had the same problems .. i am sure if i had had that message i would have asked others.... but maybe not.. you are all hero's in my book ... thanks again for listening and mending the broken bit. T tjsautosave.zip

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