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  1. i think i get it .. you want the tool that you believe is better and that you have on the back burner why not just pull it of the back burner and give us it...please i have never had photoshop so i wouldnt know what they have. but i believe affinity designer is lacking something in the colour department
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thankyou thanlkyou thankyou ...it worked i had looked in there but did not see.. thank you Joachim_L
  3. My tools have been in this annoying double line for some time now and i can not stand it anymore how do i get them to line up correctly in a single line down this left side i have clicked the tools default ..that makes the tools float but they are still in a double line.. While they are floating i have tried to squeeze them in but the frame will not budge help ...what do i do .
  4. The A52 you say Dazmondo77 ... let me get a map...... a road map .....
  5. so where does that leave us... i know i didnt imagine being told it was so close to being implimented and Alfred i very much appreciate you answering i am left wondering who is there to ask who is able to answer ....who knows .... is there anyone there.... .......
  6. that was 2 years ago where on the road are they... did they stop for petrol or are they stuffing up with big macs at a service station ... The very last Drawplus compition you held...i won. i used the colour warp tool heavily and was glad to hear that it was going to be included in affinity designer...but when ...when is it . i saw a video when affinity designer was first launched and the bloke who said he had written everything up said its all there it just needs to be programed in... when...when will it be programed in i am going gray.... when is it pulee
  7. windows 10 64 bit downloaded the latest version today 1.8.4 The Fill tool/ellipse used to work very well we could use either handle to pull the ellipse without the remaining handle moving For some time now (a few builds ago) you broke it when i move one handle both handle moves together ...it works like the circle ...there maybe a SLIGHT ellipse but very very slight please fix it . I was hoping it would have been fixed this time around . ho my please delete this some one has just told me how to fix this after all this time i am so sorry to h
  8. thankyou Callum i took advantage of your generous offer and downloaded them because i didnt think to save the defaults before upgrading
  9. i think it would be very nice to give that 'not a menu' button thing a few more powers it would be really good to give it organization powers over the brushes just as the same icon in the assets has the move up move down would be AWESOME dont you think
  10. is that the only thing it does ...it opens the brush editor the same as double clicking on any brush. thanks for putting me out of my misery.
  11. thanks for answering but my main brush menu where you can create a brush export and import etc is working it is the menu button next to the brush category that has my chewing the armchair. should it organize the brushes like that same menu in the assets ...that menu allows you to move up or down in your list of categories which is a great help in keeping things in some sort of order.
  12. hi, i cannot open the menu that is next to the brush category what must i do to open it and what is in the menu thanks
  13. Thanks very much for your quick answer. I am really glad to know its still on the cards .
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