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    Schubi63 got a reaction from keiichi77 in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    Eiiii ... really? That's too bad. It costs so much time to click and translate each point separately - and get the tangents as tweaked as well. So is this feature on the roadmap already? And when will it be implemented?
    Thanks MEB for your fast reply.
    Cheers, Stefan.
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    added JPG + RAW for
    Canon EOS 40D + Sigma 18-200mm
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    Schubi63 reacted to Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    If you have multiple cameras or lenses, please feel free to upload multiple images. 
    Feel free to speculate about what the purpose is :-)
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    Schubi63 reacted to Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    As part of some upcoming development work, we would like to test our software with a huge variation of camera images, and we’re hoping that some of you may be able to contribute to these efforts. We would like to receive the following files, in order of preference:
    RAW + OOC JPEG (Out Of Camera, i.e. the JPEG as written by your camera, with no modifications) RAW OOC JPEG  
    We aren’t interested in receiving JPEG images from RAW files that have been developed in software.
    If you upload any images, we will never use them for marketing material, we will never share them outside of Serif, and no-one outside of the development department will have access to them. They will be used purely for development and testing purposes.
    Please upload your images via Dropbox File Request:
    We would like to thank you for your ongoing support, and will now leave you to speculate upon what this upcoming development work is for…
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    Schubi63 reacted to Chris_K in combobox value-list of tools stay behind floating tool menus   
    Cheers Schubi63
    I'll get this reported if we do not have it already
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    This offer has expired and so this thread is locked
    Finding the Offer
    If you Purchase Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo for Desktop (Mac or Windows, not iPad) OR you already own Affinity on Mac or Windows, then you can also download the free content in the launch offer by updating Affinity to 1.6 and click the "Claim Now" button in the Welcome screen. The offer is only open until November 16th, so hurry up 
    First Update the software to 1.6.x. Mac software bought from the Mac App Store (MAS) is updated through the MAS update tab.
    Windows software can be updated by running the App and pressing Download when prompted about the newer version.
    Once you have installed the update, run the Affinity software (Designer or Photo) and the splash screen shows briefly, followed by the Welcome screen that looks like this
    Affinity Photo Welcome Screen

    Affinity Designer Welcome Screen

    If you have the Welcome screen turned off (in Preferences) then you can still access the Welcome screen from the Help menu > "Welcome..." option

    IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE SCROLLING OFFER, you will need to give your software firewall clearance in order to see the pages that looks like these attachments. On Windows you may also need to install Internet Explorer 10 or above. Some customers report they have needed to disable VPN networks . If that does not work and you are using the purchased version (not trial or beta) then please add to this thread and we will try to help. 
    Claiming Your Content
    Once you have clicked on the "Claim Now" in the software Welcome screen you will be taken to the Affinity Store (a shopping basket on our website) called "Your Order Summary", from which you can claim your content. Simply make an account by using the "NEW TO AFFINITY?" option on the store as you claim your content. (If you happen to have an account the New to affinity option will tell you anyway, so everyone can use that option) The free content will be added to the Downloads Section of your account and can be seen in future in your Affinity Store Order History.
    You will ONLY have an Affinity Store account if you have bought the Windows version of Affinity Designer or the Windows version of Affinity Photo or the Affinity Designer Workbook from our site Affinity.Store.
    If you bought the Mac version from the Mac App Store you need to create an Affinity Store account to claim the free content. Purchases from the Mac App Store (MAS) are ONLY in Apple's database and Affinity Mac owners DO NOT have an automatic Affinity Store account.
    A forum account is not an Affinity Store account, so if that's all you have you will need to create an account too.
    A Serif legacy account (used to buy the Plus range) is NOT an affinity store account, the databases are 100%independent. 
    Installing the Content
    Once you have downloaded the free content each zip file has instructions in an included PDF as to how to install it or use it in the appropriate Affinity application. Each one is different. As well as being inside the Zip files, you can also find these Quick start guides in English and German linked to in this resources post
    https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/50300-installing-free-16-content/ For the Photo Content there is also a video on the Uplift Epic Skies collection here https://vimeo.com/240834026
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    Schubi63 reacted to Patrick Connor in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    No there is not a generic solution to this yet, except on Windows where upgrading Internet Explorer has sorted this for some. We will be putting a lot of effort into sorting this out next week, and I would expect it to be working for everyone very soon. We have had over 50,000 users claim this content so it's not a problem for all, and for those who are currently frustrated can I suggest that you enjoy the software and try again next week. 
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    Schubi63 reacted to ice2skull in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Yes, I have tried, but it has not worked.
    I would love to have the new free content, but the worst thing is that this version is still very unstable.
    I'm using the new version all day and it has been restarted several times, always when I use the picker tool in de color tab (attached)
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    Schubi63 reacted to random in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    I finally got the download  via 'Welcome' screen...
    it took me to login, tried a bunch, not worked, asked to reset password..
    never get email (I checked my junk folder)...
    what can I do now to login or reset my password?
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    Schubi63 reacted to JDA67 in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Same problem here...
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!   
    Yes, Affinity Designer/Photo 1.6 will open files created in previous versions.
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from JPG8 in SVG export with wrong colors & blurry content   
    Thanks MEB,
    so should I write a feature request for it or is it already on your road map?
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    Schubi63 reacted to zantafio in [Fixed] AD crashes when moving artboard around   
    Well I have the exact same problem and the exact same situation! Needed to give the file to customer today and now I"m rushing to create a new file from blank, hoping it will not start to crash when I move an artboard.
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    Schubi63 reacted to maarten_meer_ in modifier to expand/collapse all child-elements?   
    I would like to see this expand/collapse all fucntionality for other panels as well, e.g. the Assets, Character or Paragraph Panel!
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from Aammppaa in modifier to expand/collapse all child-elements?   
    Hi folks,
    I couldn't find an option to expand / collapse all child-groups/child-layers when pressing the little arrow button in front of a group/layer that contains child objects.
    I know this function from Phxxxxxop, and used it a lot to rapidly collapse all expanded child-elements and quickly get an better overview of the layer hierarchy.
    Phxxxxxop provides that functionality by pressing alt+click. And if you have used it - the next alt-click causes the opposite (e.g. expand all).
    I liked and used it quite often.
    Cheers guy,

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    Schubi63 got a reaction from pixeldroid in select object instead of its parent group   
    Hi MEB,   once again - thanks for your feedback, your work, your patience, your suggestions, hints and tips. I love that. And I see your points, I follow your tips and give them a try too.    I don't think that there must be any changes to the selection of node's objects which messes the hierarchy logic. Why? Because the functionality is already implemented. I can use CMD+click or double-click.   All I would prefer is, to not to CMD-click or double-click by default. Make is customizable. Leave it to the user. ;) Especially they are coming from 10years usage of Phxxxxxop.    
    And I still believe, that Phxxxxxop gives a very nice and easy-to-access way to customize exactly that functionality - see picture.
    The AD default would be something like "Auto-Select" on and the category is set to group.
    In my case I just would deselect the checkbox "Auto-Select".
    MEB, thanks for your time,

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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Export Persona - png-24 without transparency   
    Hi Mike018, zarghol,
    Set the Matte colour to white in the Export Options panel in Export Persona. If you are exporting the file using File ▸ Export instead just make sure that Transparent background is unticked in the Document Setup dialog (menu File ▸ Document Setup...)
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
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    Schubi63 reacted to Glyphs in Saving Interface Layout   
    Is it possible to save an interface layout, with customized toolbar and palettes layout?
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    Schubi63 reacted to MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.6 - Beta 1)   
    Status: Beta Release
    Purpose: New features, fixes
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer
    Mac App Store: Not Submitted
    Download: Here
    This is the first beta of a substantial change to our codebase and as much as we have tried to ensure the quality of the code, it should be considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is definitely worth noting that files created in Affinity 1.6 may not open in 1.5 so always make a copy of your important documents before opening them in 1.6 to ensure you do not accidentally overwrite them and are unable to open them in your 1.5 version.
    To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.
    First and foremost, the 1.6 version is mainly about: Light UI! (go to Preferences->User Interface) Improved view pan/zoom performance and new pixel-differencing pixel shader Improved performance with large documents New font chooser dropdown with recents, used fonts and favourites New Glyph browser Stroke stabiliser for all pencil and brush tools Align to key items (first/last selected) Text frame vertical alignment options Fit frame to text (double-click on bottom centre handle). Transform panel uses the rotation centre Scale/shear can now be performed about rotation centre Double-click now resets shape handles and rotate/shear handles Many PDF export improvements including vector export of multi-stop gradients Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in SVG export with wrong colors & blurry content   
    Hi Schubi63,
    I would add it to the Feature Requests section since currently (as far as i know) this is not in the roadmap.
    Hi My1,
    Yes, this was discussed already in other threads and may end up being improved later as well.
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in SVG export with wrong colors & blurry content   
    Hi Schubi63,
    Yes, currently you should avoid using Layer Effects and Blend modes when exporting to SVG.
    We may add support for SVG filters/improve SVG export later but for now that's how it works.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Sean P in SVG export with wrong colors & blurry content   
    That's not a problem - It shouldn't be too hard to find! I'll take a look in a moment!
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    Schubi63 reacted to VIPStephan in SVG export with wrong colors & blurry content   
    The blurriness seems to indicate that the objects/shapes were rasterized. If there are any gradients or special effects that SVG (or most browsers) can’t handle, they will be rasterized, so make sure your graphics only contain solid colors and no special effects.
    As for the color, this sounds like a conversion issue from CMYK to RGB. Check the color profile/space you are using while working on the graphic in AD.
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    Schubi63 reacted to Aammppaa in [AD] Propagate symbol name when renaming   
    When I rename a symbol in the Symbol panel, the new name does not propagate to instances of the symbol already on the page.
    Also, could renaming and deleting be brought inline with other conventions within Designer...
    Click the name in the Symbols panel to rename Rename inline rather than a modal box Select in Symbols panel and hit Delete key to delete Thanks for your consideration.

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