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    Schubi63 got a reaction from malayali in how to get a color gradient from layer fx into swatches/gradients?   
    Hi guys,
    I have created a color gradient in a layer fx (see image) - now I want to copy that gradient somehow or ideally make it a swatch/global gradient. But I don't see how.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Schubi63 reacted to thomaso in MacBook freezes while working with Pubsliher   
    That is why I asked, because the "whole system" hardly freezes since its running some dozens of single tasks simultaneously. So what you visually see as not reacting are apps with a user interface and feedback. Obviously the Finder is one of these apps. This is the one you need to activate a different app, e.g. Activity Monitor.
    What are you doing if a freeze occurs, how do you get rid of it? Just force an entire macbook shutdown? Does Cmd-Opt-Esc react in that situation? If the latter works and you want to detect whats going on in the background you could try to keep Activity Monitor opened and may be able this way to switch to it once a freeze occurs.
    Youtube is video which needs to decompressed and displayed. Also Affinity is graphically quite demanding and uses the so-called discrete graphic card of your macbook (which is also used for an external monitor). That means regardless of available RAM and disk space those processes together might reach the limit of your GPU. If that's the case you hardly have another chance than not using both apps at the same time, unless you would install a newer graphic card (which on macbooks is economically not really efficient). However, this should not cause such a wide freeze but particular slowdowns only.
    To detect if the CPU/GPU are at their limit:
    While running Youtube + working in Affinity check in Activity Monitor occasionally what processes are most processor demanding. For more CPU and GPU control open the separate CPU and GPU windows (Cmd-3 / Cmd-4) and get additional feedback, for about the recent 15-30 minutes. If you detect or suspect a process to be too demanding force-quit this process in the Activity Monitor to get aware which process is either the culprit or possibly not really essential in this situation.

    Other approaches:
    1. Boot in Safe mode (Shift) to cause a system file check and reset of some basics. Then reboot normal again.
    2. Boot in a new, virgin user account, work as usual and see if you get the same experience. If not, then the culprit is quite likely in your user library folder.
    3. You could check if any unexpected app is installed or process is running, maybe even any insecure. Therefore you could install Etrecheck https://etrecheck.com/  and run it with any default setting. Then look if it reports any unexpected app or process, some of them appear in the protocol in red type, others don't.
    4. Use a different browser app when running Youtube.
    Alternatively delete your entire Firefox user cache folder (you will lose custom prefs this way, like appearance, bookmarks, history, plugins etc.)
    5. Research in the macOS protocols. Open the console app, select the sections in the sidebar step by step and possibly limit the results via entries in the search field. Even though you might not understand whats displayed it may be a way to detect a process or specific error which appears suspicious and is obviously related to a freeze, just by its date and time. That info might help to find the culprit app or process – but it also can be time consuming and even useless.
    5. Reinstall your macbook from a TimeMachine Backup. This way cache files and some preferences are ignored and may prevent the issue in case it was related to any of those files. Ideally you would install a new system (not from backup) and use only user-related data from backup. Either the Installer or The Migration Assistant.app supports you with this.
    [A few years ago I had the fan going mad almost all the time. I detected in Activity Monitor some processes which were related to spotlight (e.g. md, md-worker et al.). Deleting the spotlight database did not help, although I thought if they have to create their databases new and from scratch the issues couldn't exist any more. After reinstalling the system + installing user data & apps form the backup the macbook run smoother than before.]
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    Schubi63 reacted to thomaso in Feature request publisher: Resource Manager: Relink to folder   
    Thank you to mention that in particular. – And it even shows the missing/searching file name in the finder window title bar.
    I never had used the "Yes" button because of the word "locate", which, known from Resource Manager, only means to show & select an item on the page.
    If it would say sth like "Would you like to locate them on your disk?" or "... reassign their file path?" etc.  it might avoid such a misunderstanding.
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    Schubi63 reacted to walt.farrell in Feature request publisher: Resource Manager: Relink to folder   
    Just a comment: This function is already available in Publisher when you Open a .afpub file. If any resources are missing, you get a popup telling you that, and offering to let you find the images. You get 3 choices: Yes, No, and Resource Manager.
    If you choose Yes (not Resource Manager), then you will get an explorer or finder dialog, and when you locate the missing file Publisher will also find any others that are in the same folder.
    It would be very helpful if the Resource Manager also operated that way, or had an option to do so.
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    Schubi63 reacted to thomaso in Feature request publisher: Resource Manager: Relink to folder   
    + 1
    Yes, either the option of selecting more than 1 resource for replacing when the file name has not changed but the file path only – or on replacing a single file then simply with the offer "found more missing items in that folder, do you want to replace all?"
    Also related:  I'd appreciate for single resource replacements to see its file path/name in the title bar of the following finder/explorer window. That would make it much easier to detect a missing resource within a folder structure and/or among similar file names.
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    Schubi63 reacted to big smile in Feature request: swap two objects position (via key command)   
    Indesign had a user created script called Equalizer: http://www.indiscripts.com/post/2016/10/equalizer-pro-3-0-released
    It let you swap objects, as well as copy and paste X, Y, W and H values via keyboard shortcuts.
    It was one of the the greatest things to happen to DTP. 
    +1 for having something like this built into APublisher. 
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    Schubi63 reacted to Switcheroo in Shortcut for applying macro   
    People that make macros like to apply them a lot.
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    Schubi63 reacted to JuanStevens in Shortcut for applying macro   
    This right here! Please. I used to create actions in PS that switch to certain layers and changed tools and options on the tools. I then assigned keyboard shortcuts to those. This greatly helps to improve productivity.
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    Schubi63 reacted to larsbre in Shortcut for applying macro   
    Is there a possibility for assigning a keyboard shortcut to apply a desired macro? This could speed up workflow significantly compared to clicking in the library panel...
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    Schubi63 reacted to carl123 in Feature request: swap two objects position (via key command)   
    Ok here's a quickly made macro and a test document (both attached)
    Open the test document in Publisher, switch to the Photo persona in Publisher, load the macro in the macro panel
    To use, just select any two objects either on screen or in the Layers panel and run the macro - they will flip positions
    squares.afpub flip two positions.afmacro
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from Jowday in Feature request: repeat last command   
    Dear developer,
    thanks for your Affinity Suite in general. I use all 3 products of Affinity Suite.

    But I am again and again missing a function I know from other apps (Maya, Corel,...) >>> "repeat last command" <<<
    It would include whatever function(command) is called last (move, scale, tint, align...copy, remove...)
    For example: I aligned 2 objects to the right side. With that action in mind, I select 2 other objects, which also need to be aligned to the right side >>> repeat last <<< done via shortcut saves so much time and prevents remembering where the menu was and moving your eyes away from the objects you are modifying currently. More focused work.
    PS: I found 3 years old post/request for that feature. That's why I started this new post, hoping it will push this "idea" which just saves time in the workflow
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    Schubi63 reacted to Brinomi in repeat last command   
    I agree with ikon. Repeat last action would be nice.
    Thank you 😀!
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    Schubi63 reacted to FataL in Repeat the last operation command (Ctrl+R in CorelDraw)   
    Extremely useful for quick objects multiplication and creation of repetitive patterns. Also you can, for instance, rotate or change some other property (color, size, skew, etc.) of one object and then very quickly reapply this for other object(s).
    Random video illustration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu2GA6ufVrg
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    Schubi63 reacted to ikon in repeat last command   
    Hi everyone, 
    Hello Affinity Team.
    Thanks for those great and efficient tools you provided for everybody.
    Recently i did some vector work for a mobile app in Affinity Designer. To be even faster it would be awesome to have a repeat last command action/shortcut. I know about the command + j function which gives you basically a copy with transformation. Im talking about a command that repeats what you did last... so expand stroke again or substract or convert to text frame.
    Thanks for the attention and once again i love this tool and im curious what it will be in the future... im not using illustrator anymore!
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from keiichi77 in How to rotate/scale several curve points at once?   
    Eiiii ... really? That's too bad. It costs so much time to click and translate each point separately - and get the tangents as tweaked as well. So is this feature on the roadmap already? And when will it be implemented?
    Thanks MEB for your fast reply.
    Cheers, Stefan.
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    Schubi63 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    added JPG + RAW for
    Canon EOS 40D + Sigma 18-200mm
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    Schubi63 reacted to Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    If you have multiple cameras or lenses, please feel free to upload multiple images. 
    Feel free to speculate about what the purpose is :-)
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    Schubi63 reacted to Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    As part of some upcoming development work, we would like to test our software with a huge variation of camera images, and we’re hoping that some of you may be able to contribute to these efforts. We would like to receive the following files, in order of preference:
    RAW + OOC JPEG (Out Of Camera, i.e. the JPEG as written by your camera, with no modifications) RAW OOC JPEG  
    We aren’t interested in receiving JPEG images from RAW files that have been developed in software.
    If you upload any images, we will never use them for marketing material, we will never share them outside of Serif, and no-one outside of the development department will have access to them. They will be used purely for development and testing purposes.
    Please upload your images via Dropbox File Request:
    We would like to thank you for your ongoing support, and will now leave you to speculate upon what this upcoming development work is for…
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    Schubi63 reacted to Chris_K in combobox value-list of tools stay behind floating tool menus   
    Cheers Schubi63
    I'll get this reported if we do not have it already
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    Schubi63 reacted to MEB in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    This offer has expired and so this thread is locked
    Finding the Offer
    If you Purchase Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo for Desktop (Mac or Windows, not iPad) OR you already own Affinity on Mac or Windows, then you can also download the free content in the launch offer by updating Affinity to 1.6 and click the "Claim Now" button in the Welcome screen. The offer is only open until November 16th, so hurry up 
    First Update the software to 1.6.x. Mac software bought from the Mac App Store (MAS) is updated through the MAS update tab.
    Windows software can be updated by running the App and pressing Download when prompted about the newer version.
    Once you have installed the update, run the Affinity software (Designer or Photo) and the splash screen shows briefly, followed by the Welcome screen that looks like this
    Affinity Photo Welcome Screen

    Affinity Designer Welcome Screen

    If you have the Welcome screen turned off (in Preferences) then you can still access the Welcome screen from the Help menu > "Welcome..." option

    IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE SCROLLING OFFER, you will need to give your software firewall clearance in order to see the pages that looks like these attachments. On Windows you may also need to install Internet Explorer 10 or above. Some customers report they have needed to disable VPN networks . If that does not work and you are using the purchased version (not trial or beta) then please add to this thread and we will try to help. 
    Claiming Your Content
    Once you have clicked on the "Claim Now" in the software Welcome screen you will be taken to the Affinity Store (a shopping basket on our website) called "Your Order Summary", from which you can claim your content. Simply make an account by using the "NEW TO AFFINITY?" option on the store as you claim your content. (If you happen to have an account the New to affinity option will tell you anyway, so everyone can use that option) The free content will be added to the Downloads Section of your account and can be seen in future in your Affinity Store Order History.
    You will ONLY have an Affinity Store account if you have bought the Windows version of Affinity Designer or the Windows version of Affinity Photo or the Affinity Designer Workbook from our site Affinity.Store.
    If you bought the Mac version from the Mac App Store you need to create an Affinity Store account to claim the free content. Purchases from the Mac App Store (MAS) are ONLY in Apple's database and Affinity Mac owners DO NOT have an automatic Affinity Store account.
    A forum account is not an Affinity Store account, so if that's all you have you will need to create an account too.
    A Serif legacy account (used to buy the Plus range) is NOT an affinity store account, the databases are 100%independent. 
    Installing the Content
    Once you have downloaded the free content each zip file has instructions in an included PDF as to how to install it or use it in the appropriate Affinity application. Each one is different. As well as being inside the Zip files, you can also find these Quick start guides in English and German linked to in this resources post
    https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/50300-installing-free-16-content/ For the Photo Content there is also a video on the Uplift Epic Skies collection here https://vimeo.com/240834026
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    Schubi63 reacted to Patrick Connor in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    No there is not a generic solution to this yet, except on Windows where upgrading Internet Explorer has sorted this for some. We will be putting a lot of effort into sorting this out next week, and I would expect it to be working for everyone very soon. We have had over 50,000 users claim this content so it's not a problem for all, and for those who are currently frustrated can I suggest that you enjoy the software and try again next week. 
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    Schubi63 reacted to ice2skull in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Yes, I have tried, but it has not worked.
    I would love to have the new free content, but the worst thing is that this version is still very unstable.
    I'm using the new version all day and it has been restarted several times, always when I use the picker tool in de color tab (attached)
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    Schubi63 reacted to random in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    I finally got the download  via 'Welcome' screen...
    it took me to login, tried a bunch, not worked, asked to reset password..
    never get email (I checked my junk folder)...
    what can I do now to login or reset my password?
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    Schubi63 reacted to JDA67 in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Same problem here...
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