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  1. I have plenty of network printers at work, but can't print on particular one because it is not present in the dropdown list. In my case there are 37 printers are visible via Devices and Printers window, but only 25 are present inside Affinity Designer Print dialog.
  2. Thank you for response. The problem with Flood Fill is that I always need to increase tool tolerance to 100%. Too many mouse movement and clicks for often usage :( Good candidate for feature request I guess.
  3. What is the current quickest way to fill the selection with background or foreground color in pixel persona mode? In Photoshop and Fireworks I used Alt + Del or Shift + Del, but seems there is no such command as Fill nor any related shortcut.
  4. Extremely useful for quick objects multiplication and creation of repetitive patterns. Also you can, for instance, rotate or change some other property (color, size, skew, etc.) of one object and then very quickly reapply this for other object(s). Random video illustration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu2GA6ufVrg
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