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Feature request publisher: Resource Manager: Relink to folder

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I am thoroughly enjoying Affinity Publisher! The ability for me to add adjustment layers to master pages is incredible!

Two features would be so so time saving for me:

  • Relink to a folder. Many times I have an entire folder full of exports of frames from a video I am referencing, that I later want to replace with the color graded version. In Indesign, I kept the filenames the same but could batch re-link resources to another folder. This feature would be a game-changer for me — Affinity already speeds up my workflow compared to inDesign, but with this feature, it would be blazing fast. So selecting multiple resources and being able to relink them to another folder would be a godsend. It could then look for all the files with the same name in said folder.
  • Auto place multiple images in a frame of a master page, creating new pages to create enough master pages.

Thanks for making this program!

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I am also very interested in having a bulk relink feature added to the resource manager, but I would also like it to automatically find files in the same folder as a single relinked file. I hate to bring up the opposition, but like Lightroom does when you relink a missing file, it will say it has found other missing files in this folder, do you wish to relink and so forth.

Thank you!

Lisa Rose

Atlanta, GA

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