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  1. Hi thomaso, yes, I know that most often a freeze occurs as a lack of UI feedback, and is most happening when an app is very busy. But I ment the whole system > my MacBook freezed. Not only one app which runs out of UI feedback. So I cannot switch any apps or go to activity monitor or use terminal (e.g. top) or whatever. It the MacBook is just freezed. I cannot do anything. Just hold "turn off" button and then restart the system. What I did in APub: I'm working on a flyer with lots of images I have to layout. Which means I was often importing (linking not copying into the document), moving, creating frames, scaling images and duplicating pages with those images to create variations of image-layouts and so on. What I did so far: I have updated my MacOS to the latest version, all the apps from Mac AppStore, my browser Firefox I tried to have only the app APub open. Seems to be fine then. I am also spectating the temperatures of the system (GPU, CPU...) from that on, to see if it's a heating problem of my system. Actually I cannot say, but I guess it had something to do when Youtube ist rendering in the background
  2. When using a macro in Photo Persona - Publisher sets back the active tool to hand-tool(H). For me it's a bug, because without any reason the program does something without any value for me. To the contrary! Now I have to select my desired tool again - in my case "select"-tool(v) to continue using macro... and then it happens again. For me it does not make sense at all.
  3. repeat last command: what ever you did - move, align, scale, delete, use a macro... >>> just repeat that command https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/115009-feature-request-repeat-last-command/
  4. @carl123 to be honest, I'm to stupid to create a macro that swappes me the position of two selected objects
  5. Only the position, right! Then obviously I misunderstood you - by thinking you meant to record (create a macro) to copy/replace the content of 2 images
  6. Thanks Seneca. But as I answered @carl123 already: I don't see this suggestion as a solution: 1.) I would never alter the contend of client files, especially not by swapping the content of thoses files. ("James-PortraitXY" with "Marie-PortraitshootXY ?!) - that makes no sense at all and would confuse not only me! 2.) I'm creating a layout consisting of links to original image files in Publisher.
  7. Dear developer, thanks for your Affinity Suite in general. I use all 3 products of Affinity Suite. But I am again and again missing a function I know from other apps (Maya, Corel,...) >>> "repeat last command" <<< It would include whatever function(command) is called last (move, scale, tint, align...copy, remove...) For example: I aligned 2 objects to the right side. With that action in mind, I select 2 other objects, which also need to be aligned to the right side >>> repeat last <<< done via shortcut saves so much time and prevents remembering where the menu was and moving your eyes away from the objects you are modifying currently. More focused work. PS: I found 3 years old post/request for that feature. That's why I started this new post, hoping it will push this "idea" which just saves time in the workflow
  8. Dear developer, unfortunately I believe that Publiher is causing my MacBook to freeze. I'm working with my MacBook since 4 years and I would say, that it freezed wihtin that time for 3 to 5 times alltogether. But now, that I have bought and started my 1st project with Affinity Publisher, my computer freezed the 3rd time within 2 days. And the last "big changes" on my system where: installing and running Publisher. Publisher is not the only running program of course. And I guess it has something to do with Firefox running parallel (lots of open tabs, YouTube running) I there any possibility like Beta version / console log files / to find out if Publisher is the reason? And can I change some preferences to prevent that behaviour until Publisher is no longer causing a freeze? I am using: Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 Firefox 70 macOS Sierra 10.13.6 MacBookPro (13 inch, Early 2015); 3.1 GHz i7 CPU; 16 GB RAM
  9. Hi carl. I have APhoto too ... but: I would never swap the content of a files with correct naming ("James-PortraitXY", "Marie-PortraitshootXY) - that makes no sense at all and would confuse not only me! Additionally I'm linking to original files in Publisher.
  10. I would say it's copying 2 (x/y) values and replacing them But maybe I will invest the time to create the guides - thanks Bruce
  11. I would see only advantages in a function, that would allow me to swap the position of 2 objects. They don't even need to be the same dimensions. They don't even need to be the same type (image, group, font...). For a flyer I am arranging lots of objects. In my case images, that all have the same size. And I have to arrange them in a grid layout. Now I really "waste" a massive amount of time by moving them into the correct positions. Checking how the images look, if I swap 2 images - e.g. one pic from 5th row/2nd column to 1st row/ 6th column and the other pcitures vice versa. It would genius, to just select two objects and hit a command key and they will be swapped. It would save soo much time instead of dragging and hoping that snapping works fine. And that Publisher orientates on the adjacents objects correctly. Be For me: the fastes way (because of using shortcuts) is: cmd+c object1 - I wanna move from A-to-B cmd+v and move the duplicate of object1 to B - it's correct position (above object2), then cmd+x the duplicate, to see object2 again select and move object2 to the position of the old object1 cmd+v to get get the duplicate of object1 and do the same cmd+x, delete,cmd+v stuff for getting rid of the old object1 and having object 2 only I miss this option since years, when I started working with Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance!!! Schubi
  12. Hi Mark, here some more pics ( JPG + RAWs): Sony A7R Mark3 (Sony ILCE 7RM3) + Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM + Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8 Have fun. Stefan.
  13. Hey Mark, I added JPG + RAWs for: Sony A7R Mark3 (Sony ILCE 7RM3) + Samyang_AF_35mm_F1.4 I hope it helps. Enjoy. Stefan
  14. added JPG + RAW for Canon EOS 40D + Sigma 18-200mm
  15. Is there any option to use "floating menus" and to not having the problem that UI menus will appear behind the floating menus? Otherwise it does not makes sense to have floating menus. I don't wanna rearrange my menus all the time I hoped this issue would be fixed at least in 1.6 - but it's still there. Or I haven't found the correct settings yet?! Thanks, Stefan.
  16. Hi folks, maybe the content of the free GradeUI is the same ... but at least the file sizes of several files have changed (so I guess the content as well). As you can see in the attached screenshot - I marked the files that differ in size. On the left side it's the download I made today whereas on the right side you see the files from August 2016. I just opened exemplaric the "Promo" file - I couldn't see any difference - but the structure and amount of elements where slightly different - as you can see exemplary for the group "Map" I just opened here. Cheers, Stefan.
  17. You might be right - it's definitely not the only store for Apps ... but the program is called "App Store" - sorry that I used it's original name. And I have no clue where else I could have bought Affinity Photo and Designer. Anyway - I was pointing my post to all the other Mac users, who might are in the same position as me - confused and waiting for a password-reset-mail. Because there was no notification, that the Affinity store does not know my email-address when I requested to do so.
  18. This statement should be placed in first position of this thread - to clear most confusions about getting the Free-Stuff if a customer is a Mac User (as I am) who has bought your products via App Store ... and has got an account for the Affinity forum here (so do I).
  19. +1 I also miss this - at least an option in the AD preferences
  20. Now I see what you mean! :) I will try and play around with it - and use this next time!
  21. Yes, I tried it as you mentioned it before. So I used the Export Persona, and the slice tool ... to create a slice around the button - but of course it is not automatically only the button in there. The slice contains everything of the mockup. That's why I decided to go on using artboards. Maybe I tried around more with slices next project. This time it is not possible anymore - too much time went into the master files.
  22. Because I don't need a slice where all graphic stuff is layered (background, windows, FX, buttons). I need every element separate.
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