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  1. Hi Marco Bleed is not currently included in Designer iPad. This will be added in a future update.
  2. Hi brempa Would it be possible for you to attach the raw file so I can look into this for you?
  3. Hi Stolgeth I can see you have raised this issue in this thread and the problem has been reported to our development team for investigation.
  4. Hi drewvis This is strange, I am having trouble replicating the issue shown in your video. Do you have some steps I can follow to replicate this? Do you have any specific setting in the brushes studio? I can see in the video you do not have Sculpt selected. With regards to the crashing and sluggishness, are you having this problem with this file in particular?
  5. I have tested this with Dropbox and iCloud and it seemed to import the file with no issues. I'll get this logged. Thanks!
  6. Hi Resimovic Where are you importing the asset file from exactly?
  7. Hi boriscargo Thanks for getting back to me I have been able to replicate this issue, I will get this logged with the developers.
  8. Hi Kevin Seguin Welcome to the forum! Many thanks for providing the file, I have looked into this and it appears the issue is caused by the embedded document on Page 2. I rasterised the image and the calculation process and export worked great after this. We have had reports of embedded documents causing problems with the export process before so I will get this logged with the developers. Many thanks.
  9. Hi boriscargo, What issues are you having with the Drag+shift exactly? Could you provide more information?
  10. Hi J a n Thanks for this report! I've been able to replicate the crash. I'll get this logged
  11. Hi asantos Could you provide a copy of the PDF so I can look into this for you?
  12. Are you referring to the edges of the image being cut off slightly? I am not seen any issue with the Effects being exported at all.
  13. Hi Tea-Rexx Could you provide the file that is causing the issue so I can look into this for you? Thanks
  14. Hi krm, Would it be possible to provide the .afdesign file so I can look into this for you?
  15. Hi Coldmoon, Sorry to hear you have lost your work, If you select the Settings cog in the top right hand corner of the app you are able to change the Autosave Interval which will help in future projects, the autosaved file should appear for you on the welcome screen when the app is opened. However you should not solely rely on this (as with any app). This is why we implemented the 'Save as Copy' feature so you can save it to the cloud. Ensure that you're saving your work manually though just to be sure.
  16. Hi Robert, Welcome to the forum You should be able to see the Crop Tool on the Toolbar on the left hand side. In Designer ensure you're in the Draw Persona and if you're using Photo ensure you're in the Photo Persona. If you're not seeing the crop tool here please try opening the app with the CTRL key down and ensuring Reset Studio is selected.
  17. Hi WalkInVerse Welcome to the forum Would it be possible to provide the file that is causing the problem so I can look into this for you?
  18. Hi Welcome to the forum Would it be possible to upload the file here so i can investigate this for you?
  19. Hi rheyman Would it be possible to provide a copy of the file you're using so I can test this? Thanks!
  20. Glad to hear the problem isn't happening in the latest build. If this changes be sure to let me know
  21. Hi phinal Welcome to the forum Try opening the PDF in the latest beta of Affinity Designer, you can find it here. If this doesn't help, please upload a copy of the PDF here so I can look into this further for you.
  22. No problem! You can send the file via direct message or upload it here.
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