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  1. Unfortunately, the problem is still present with, on both my machines (MacBook Pro Mid 2012, MacOs 10.14.3 ; Mac Pro 5,1, MacOs 10.14.3). Here's a short screen movie to show the issue. It is recorded from the MacBook after performing the 'reset' publisher sequence [<CTRL> at open, select all, clear, reset]. J Navigator Clip.mov
  2. I have noticed that the Navigator zoom value is not retained/is shown incorrectly after selecting a different page from the Pages panel. For example: 1) Create a new blank document 2) Zoom in to e.g. 150% using the Navigator panel. Screen zooms in as expected. 3) Double click on the page (or any other in a multi page project) in the Pages panel. The main view changes to a minimized representation of the page, but the Navigator panel still shows a zoom value of 150%. In addition to the incorrect value being shown, it would be helpful if the Navigator zoom value 'stuck' between switching pages. J
  3. I think I may also be experiencing this bug. Usually, the table headers are there, but in some cases they suddenly disappear. The only way to bring them back is to quit Publisher and restart. I have had this for text frame rulers too.