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    Hi Rick thanks for your response I cleaned my temp files after every try. The .NET issue has stopped but I'm now back to set up failed everytime I try to insatll
  2. Hi I have recently tried downloading beta for windows. I previously had af publisher but found increased issues with every update. The latest issue I have is when I go to install the software a window comes up saying it needs in instal some .NET files to install. When I click on install it brings me to a box to install .NET framework 4.7.2. i then get a message "Failed to install because there is not enough space on the disc" I have disc space and cannot find any info on how much disc space is needed.It has a section that says "For info about the most current version of .net Framework click here... When I click there it gives me instructions on how to check for updates on my system. When I check for updates it says I am up to date. I have googled .NET Framework 4.7.2 and tried installing this update seperately. It then brings me through the same steps. Response is not enough disc space, check system and system says I am up to date. Can anyonw advise what to do. I have never had this.Net framework issue with any other versions. I have never even seen this .Net Frame work installer come up before
  3. Hi guys this is the message I am getting
  4. Hi I tried updating yesterday but on installation kept getting the setup failed error. I came to the forum today to see if I could find any help regarding this and came across the manual update link posted at the top. I tried this link and this is the message I got. Can anyone advise what to do

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