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  1. Pubsliher crashes (227) immediately when I try opening my testing .afpub file, before the file is fully loaded. I attach the crash report in the dropbox (Lurien-CrashReport) I found from another comment. File named starting with retexo… Loving your stuff, Best wishes!
  2. Hi 1) In the attached file I have made a master page, added auto page number and set that to 53 using the section manager (to get two numbers). 2) I've tried to recreate the issue when using chapter numbering. Or am I perhaps doing something wrong? Morandi stylistic alternate return.afpub
  3. Excellent! The above issue is now fixed in 145! However, some new minor issues have appeared (not present in earlier versions). Numbers set as small caps are now spaced wrong. There is a huge gap between numbers. This does not happen in normal text. Not sure what causes it, but seem to be restricted to page numbers in small caps or when using the automatic numbering of chapters/heading. I'm still using the font Morandi, but also found it with another newer font, Bely (see images).
  4. I have tried with other fonts without replicating the problem. So it may be specific to Morandi. I can't find a font with a directly comparable alternate, so I'm not quite sure. Morandi should be a professionally developed font, and have worked flawless in InDesign, Quark, Designer, and in the earlier Publisher Betas (pre v .133). I attach a new screen capture for the problem now in v .139
  5. By the way, I dig the software—and I'm looking forward to the finished product.
  6. Also other strange stuff is happening to text flow throughout my test document in the v133. First letter in a heading word change size when capitalized. Drop cap is misplaced, not inline with the following text. Drop cap is indented despite line indent at 0.
  7. In my test document the stylistic alternate messes up my small caps using the Morandi fontgroup. This is new to v.
  8. This is the same text box (copy and paste) with all caps and small caps.