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  1. Yes I've done the update twice. After the first one, the hamburger menus had disappeared and all the suggestions of the people in the forum did not solve the problem (restart of the application, reset of the studios, ...). But by taking back the version 1.8.3 that I had kept on a backup, I redid the update 1.8.4 and the menus were there. (Don't ask me why !).
  2. Yes, I had done the 1.8.4 update but I don't know why the menus hadn't appeared when I started the update again. Computer science has its mysteries... for an apprentice like me!
  3. I finally upgraded from version 1.8.3 to version 1.8.4: and, miraculously, the hamburger menus came back! Thank you all for your help.
  4. I have only one monitor: the screen of my iMac! But that doesn't explain why these hamburger menus appeared in all the old versions and disappeared for 1.8.4 and 1.9 beta
  5. I have already performed this maneuver but it doesn't solve the problem.
  6. Changing the language does not fix the problem. Neither does resetting the studios. I'm in mac version 10.15.6. I'm surprised I never encountered this problem until version 1.8.3, and that it exists for the 2 studios on the right and left also for version 1.9 beta.
  7. No, none of the solutions work. There is a defect in the mac version and I'm going back to version 1.8.3 while waiting for the solution.
  8. Non, aucune des solutions ne fonctionne. Il y a un défaut dans la version mac et je reviens à la version 1.8.3 en attendant la solution.
  9. The solution proposed by Lee D does not change anything : the "hamburger menu" exists in version 1.8.3 mac and disappeared in version 1.8.4 as well as in beta 1.9.0.
  10. After searching all morning how to create content categories on my mac (which I used to do) and after asking for your help, I discovered that these preferences exist in version 1.8.3 and disappeared in version 1.8.4 as well as in beta 1.9.0. Can I add a wish for this software that I use all the time to have everything I want? Do you plan to add footnotes one day, as well as a hatch editor? Menus manquants.pdf
  11. I found it very handy to store images in the "contents" sub-window of which I'm giving you a screenshot. But now I can't find how to create a new category or subcategory. The preferences wheel is missing which would allow me to create or export a content category.
  12. Can someone tell me why I no longer have content preferences in affinity publisher and can no longer create new categories or subcategories? Thank you in advance
  13. Can we expect the footnotes to be included in the final version 1.8?
  14. Since the final version, the deletion of characters (←) in a text created with a beta version acts as a tabulation. To correct a text, I have to cut it (cmd-X). Can we fix this bug?
  15. Thank you for that answer. This is not exactly what I thought it would be: I would like to define a default character and paragraph style, which is taken into account with each new document. But your solution allows me to do this at the beginning of a new document, then save these styles for that document (which is an improvement). But I didn't understand how to make these changes apply systematically to all new documents as soon as they were created.
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