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  1. Hi guys. I leave you a video to see what happens when I import a photo from Photo to Designer with the Unsharp Mask filter. I'm working from an iMac 21,5 4K 2017 (3,4 GHz Intel Core i5 / Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB / 8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4). Unsharp Mask.mp4
  2. soloabner

    Failed Expand Stroke

    Sorry. I had not seen the other topic just created with the same problem.
  3. Hello team, I hope you are well. Thank you for the effort you make every day. Attached a video that I just recorded where I verify that the error in "Expand stroke" is still present. I hope you have it in mind in the roadmap for the final version 1.7. Keep rocking. Best regards. GrabaciĆ³n de pantalla 2019-01-28 a la(s) 2.17.19 p. m._IG.mp4
  4. soloabner

    Strawberry Collage (AD)

    Hello friends, I leave this recent composition that I made for a client. It was made entirely in Affinity Designer 1.6.1. I used the Affinity Photo perfection brush to define pair of images. I love the freedom, power, speed, versatility and significant time saving of this wonderful software, I love it haha. I hope you can enjoy and let your imagination go, that the software can stand anything you can imagine. Long live Affinity.