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    Zekez reacted to pgraficzny in A solution for implementing the Polish dictionary   
    A solution for implementing the Polish dictionary. Download the files downloaded from https://donate.libreoffice.org/home/dl/src/5.1.3/all/libreoffice-dictionaries- and place them in the place shown in the screenshot. You can probably use this method for other languages.

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    Zekez reacted to Dazmondo77 in Eraser tool for vector curves   
    YES if doable - I use this feature all time in CSP - also use the scale line widths brush all the time where you paint over areas of lines to thicken or make thinner - I would imagine this would need some major dev time so maybe be something to consider for ver 2+
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    Zekez reacted to RPC in Eraser tool for vector curves   
    I'd like to request an eraser tool like the one found in Clip Studio Paint for vector curves.

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    Zekez reacted to Adrian_M in LaTeX typesetting plugin in Designer   
    OK, I'm very aware that maybe most of the designers and users of the awesome Affinity Designer are not into scientific posters, books or documents, but I'm a mathematician and I love the app myself, as much as I understand and use it. :)
    Hence, I got a small, but important feature request: a plugin/native support which would allow one to use the power of "local" LaTeX typesetting for symbols, fonts and other scientific notations.
    I am aware I could use the great LaTeXiT + drag & drop, but still, I envision my workflow as follows:
    When I have a complicated figure to draw, I fire up Affinity Designer and I draw, but for annotations and everything font or math symbol related, I'm not quite covered. I have installed some versions of the native LaTeX fonts (CMU) to use system-wide, but some are missing and still doesn't feel the same. So for symbols, equations etc. I would like to be able to input a LaTeX formula (delimited by the well-known dollar-signs) and Affinity would typeset it locally, using the fonts included in the LaTeX distribution installed on my Mac.
    What do you think? Honestly, I think that such a feature would be useful for all kinds of technical drawers, although they may use CAD-style apps. But you'll never know when you need a formula on your piece of art, right? :)
    Moreover, in perspective, I'm sure this would provide immensely useful for the future Publisher app, with inter-operability.
    Thank you for the support and the awesome apps!
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    Zekez reacted to Tupaia in Node Tool - Delete Nodes variations   
    Has been discussed, I know, but scattered all over the place.
    With the Node Tool, it should be possible to delete nodes in these variants:
    - Without adapting the neighbouring  tangents - that's the existing behavior. Shortcut could be: left-doubleclick (besides DEL)
    - With adapting the neighbouring tangets, so that the curvature is preserved as good as possible (CorelDraw can do this). Possible shortcut: CTRL-left-doubleclick
    - With also deleting the neighbouring curve segments. Possible shortcut: CTRL-ALT-left-doubleclick.
    Regarding shortcuts:
    Choose any combination of mouse pointer and modifier keys you like for node editing, but avoid having to use DEL or other keys wich are harder to reach.
    Thanks for considering!!
    Best regards
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    Zekez reacted to evtonic3 in Transformations of multiple objects   
    A Transform each would be excellent. Similar to AI function, giving options in scale, rotation, skew, etc.
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    Zekez reacted to blue fury in image trace   
    Please add image trace it will make the affinity suite very awesome , adobe illustrator has image trace so it would be very cool if you could add the option
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    Zekez reacted to Mark Oehlschlager in Vector Warp and Distortion   
    For creative label designs, and for 3-D mock-ups (e.g., bending & distorting vector art to appear to wrap around a bottle), It would be great to have a non-destructive vector warp and distortion tool. Should work both on grouped and ungrouped object layers, and should work on live, editable text layers.
    I would like to request that the Mesh Warp tool be adapted to and included in Designer for vector and text layer artwork.
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    Zekez reacted to Gardenia in curved gradient   
    For fills there are linear, circular, conical etc gradients. It will be nice if we could add spline nodes to the spine of a linear gradient to be able to build curved gradients. This will be much better than the Illustrator meshes. Not sure this is possible. Just a suggestion.
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    Zekez reacted to Koutchinski in [AD] Shape Builder Tool   
    Hey guys,
    There is actually only one thing missing for me in AD. But thats a big one, especially as it speed up my process immensly since it was introduced in AI. I'm talking about the notorious Shape builder tool. Of course you could make something else, that increases the speed of boolean operations. :-) (idk, shortcuts maybe?)
    Thank you in advance,
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    Zekez reacted to dorian in Vector brush tool smoothing – Affinity Designer – I want it off.   
    Hello Forum :)

    Is there a way of switching OFF the smoothing on the Vector brush tool? 
    It makes freehand drawing a little too automatic for me. I want all the imperfections of my line drawing. ;)
    I have the same request for the iPad version... 

    I could not find anything in the settings either.
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    Zekez reacted to catlover in AffDes : Spiral tool, please !   
    If in any way possible, could the set of preordained tools be expanded with a spiral tool ?
    Thanks !!!!!!
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    Zekez reacted to Bela Frank in Copy & paste vector between this and other apps, Blend tool   
    I'm testing the app and let me say it's very promising.
    One thing I'm missing now is the ability to copy & paste vector between this and other apps, like Fontlab, Glyphs and Illustrator. I can do this between these apps and it is very handy, me being a type designer and using more than one app at the same time.
    Also a tool similar to Illustrator's Blend Tool would be nice, maybe extrapolation as an extra added :)
    Brilliant work, anyway!
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    Zekez reacted to Nelo in BLEND TOOL!   
    Blend Tool is a must have!!!
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    Zekez reacted to Hangman in Create Crop Marks from Shape   
    Not sure if this has already been requested but I'd like to request the ability to create crop marks from a shape, as per Illustrator (see attached video) but with the ability to specify both the crop mark length, stroke size and distance from the artwork either via a preference setting or studio panel. I'm aware we can create crop marks when exporting as a pdf but if you are creating, for example, an A4 page with multiple business cards on or a page of circular stickers it would be so much easier to be able to add crop marks per business card or sticker automatically based on the rectangle or circle rather than having to add these manually which is very time-consuming. This would be useful across all three apps.
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    Zekez reacted to ponce068 in CMYK : Color Separations preview   
    Read in forum "some people" ask this feature...
    But color separations preview is important for professional printing.
    For printing process, we use Illustrator a lot for these tools: checking resolution of bitmap pictures, checking and correcting CMYK (especially convert composite black to true black when a pdf has been generated with som "exotic" software") and so on.
    Full control and preview is important if not working only for screen and web!
    That's why I continue to use Adobe Illustrator rather Affinity Designer. Printing a PDF and checking resutl in Acrobat is not an answer.
    Wish this helpfull fonction will be added one and not stay specific to Adobe...
    Hope it will be present in Publisher too if it pretends to be a serious "InDesign Killer".
    So Hope I can really work with "Affinity suite" once main professional functions are here :-)
    Sorry for english mistakes, usually writing in french here.

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    Zekez reacted to shaneparsons in Switch between Artistic & Frame text   
    The functionality to switch between artistic and frame text would be a great addition to Designer... Illustrator's implementation of doing this (double click a specific node on a text object, or right click > convert to...) is a perfect example on how it should be handled.

    Here's a thread with a whole bunch of other people wanting this as well.
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    Zekez reacted to Miras8815 in When the Polish language version ?   
    Are there any plans for the Polish language version?
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    Zekez reacted to sdrum in Convert palette to spot colors   
    In Illustrator I can convert a whole palette to Pantone/spot color. Is there a way to do the same in Affinity Designer? The only option I have found to convert the whole image palette to spot color is to convert each color separately, which is very time consuming.
    Thank you.
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    Zekez reacted to eross21 in JPEG, bitmap tracing to covert to vector   
    maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image
    and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color
    it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
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    Zekez reacted to Glicky in Smart fill tool   
    Is there a tool in AD that fills closed areas to create a new shape, something like the "smart fill" tool in CorelDRAW?
    (if not, will it be added in the future? and what's the work-around for it?)
    Sorry... i'm new to Affinity.
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    Zekez reacted to Schnak in Replace of missing fonts in AD (afdesign file)   
    I want to reorganize my font management and gestion and I have a big problem with font missing in AD (Mac - 1.7.1).
    How can we replace missing fonts when we open a afdesign file ? (like a mapping)

    Some of my updated fonts family are a bit deferent a some variantes are missing and AD doesn't tell me that they are a missing variant for this font how can we change map this to a new family ?

    And nothing happen in the caracters panel :

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    Zekez reacted to AffinityAppMan in Workarounds for Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort?   
    Any Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort features soon?  This year?  Any date release?  I need to know if I need to change apps.
    What is everyone else doing to get around not having Distortion or Perspective distorts in Affinity Designer?
    Any tips?
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    Zekez reacted to boudewijndanser in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    It would be very useful to have functions to select the same:
    Color fill stroke (color / width) Appearance To quickly select all your outlines, or background element in 1 color. 
    Speed is everything.  :)