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CMYK : Color Separations preview

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Read in forum "some people" ask this feature...

But color separations preview is important for professional printing.
For printing process, we use Illustrator a lot for these tools: checking resolution of bitmap pictures, checking and correcting CMYK (especially convert composite black to true black when a pdf has been generated with som "exotic" software") and so on.
Full control and preview is important if not working only for screen and web!

That's why I continue to use Adobe Illustrator rather Affinity Designer. Printing a PDF and checking resutl in Acrobat is not an answer.
Wish this helpfull fonction will be added one and not stay specific to Adobe...

Hope it will be present in Publisher too if it pretends to be a serious "InDesign Killer".

So Hope I can really work with "Affinity suite" once main professional functions are here :-)

Sorry for english mistakes, usually writing in french here.

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You are right! It is an essential function for printing. As it would be essential to have the possibility of assigning the overprint also to fillets or fillings with selection colors.
For example, I should be able to assign overprinting to black (selection) threads when they overlap a light yellow type so that they do not pierce the underlying color.

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True, cmyk preview is essential if you want to compete with Indesign/Illustrator. I want to see which objects are in overprint or knocked out. It's very important if you want to output for newspaper.
For that matter I still use Indesign/Illustrator in combination with Acrobat Pro with it's foolproof PDF/X-1a 2001 and cmyk overprint preview with output intent.
There are too much uncertainties with Affinity Publisher to output a press ready PDF. Not enough checkpoints.

I hope it's a high priority on their roadmap. Apart from that I love Affinty ;-)


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Yes, you are right it's old thread... But no good answer, no plugin and soon version 2.0 of Affinity products...

Really too bad these functions are missing in Designer and especially Publisher... Sounds essesntial for pro printing...

Can hope some tools in version 3.x of the products? :-)

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Sure you make a fantastic version 1.10...

An nope about CMYK color separation that is essentiel in pre-press and professional printing...

I'm angry cos I need to continue with Adobe product due to that: checking separtions, true black, pictures resolutions...

So I didn' had a look to Affinity Publisher, guess it's not better :-(

I was waiting for some credible alternative but just missing some points make the fact that we have to continue to pay THE reference. Sorry.

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