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    SimonF reacted to chrisv in Broken links to images   
    Clicking on Yes I get an Explorer window to my files. I would it more useful if the Resource Manager opened then I could see all the images that weren't properly linked.
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    SimonF reacted to walt.farrell in Broken links to images   
    I agree, and I've suggested that before.
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    SimonF reacted to Honken in PDF Pass Through and Embedded Fonts   
    This is so needed and a must have for any publishing program. 
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    SimonF reacted to stutes in PDF Pass Through and Embedded Fonts   
    @Alfred, got it.
    I just need Publisher to show and print PDFs as they do in Preview, Acrobat, etc. If there is some other, more correct way of referring to this, please let me know.
    Perhaps. We may just be using different terms to express the same idea; an output format that shares the layout without having to install fonts. I never said anything about the format originally being conceived for editing; in fact, I don't think that is the intent of the format at all; it is quite the opposite, as I believe the format is intended to lock down the layout so that when you send it to print houses or clients, they see it as it is meant to look, without having to worry if they have the fonts installed on their computer. Which belies part of my frustration with Publisher....
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    SimonF reacted to udrabo in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    I thought this too. I think it’s caused in the approach of handling pdf as quasi exchange format (You can open PDFs coming from other programs like InDesign).
    They should provide both ways: passthrough and editable.
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    SimonF reacted to muelli75 in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    In 8 of 10 jobs we have to place PDFs "as they are". If AP didnt get the abilitity to import them as "picture" we cant use AP. :-(
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    SimonF reacted to udrabo in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
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    SimonF reacted to benwiggy in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    There are two points here:
    Firstly, I'm seeing errors in placed PDFs even when I have all the necessary fonts installed. 
    Secondly, PDFs can be placed correctly in InDesign, Illustrator, XPress, Apple Pages, MS Word, etc etc, even if the correct fonts are not installed on your system.
    Affinity's ability to turn PDFs into editable content is welcome, but the ability to place a PDF on a page as an 'image', accurately,  is paramount to a DTP app. 
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    SimonF reacted to udrabo in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    That’s why I posted this suggestion …  
    I want to push this topic because it is VERY essential for lots of people.
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    SimonF reacted to udrabo in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    I agree for editing the PDF: Then the font has to be installed! But placing a PDF ‚as is‘ for later printing is not against licensing conditions! Otherwise QuarkXPress, InDesign and others could not do that.
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    SimonF reacted to udrabo in Handling placed PDFs with embedded fonts   
    Thank you for pointing that out, becreart! That’s exactly what I wish to have!
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    SimonF reacted to MikeW in Importing/Placing PDF files   
    Try Placing instead. They can still be edited if/when desired by double-clicking on them.
    Do note though that Affinity applications cannot use embedded fonts. This will likely screw up many/all adverts thus placed.
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    SimonF reacted to GAMUT MEDIA in Importing/Placing PDF files   
    I need to be able to import/place PDF files as PDF files - at present Publisher seems to import PDF files and you can edit them (which in itself is fantastic for converting old files). However, you need to build in a option to import as non-editable files. In magazine production - adverts are supplied as PDF files and placed on the pages.
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    SimonF reacted to MEB in Import PDF with embedded fonts   
    Hi George,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Currently Affinity Designer/Photo doesn't support embedded fonts, so you have to install them on your system to see (and edit) the document correctly.
    Adobe Reader does support embedded fonts that's why it displays correctly there. We hope to add support for embedded fonts at some point too.
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    SimonF reacted to md_berlin in Supplied PDF's with embedded fonts   
    Oh yes, I think this is very important for professional work
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    SimonF reacted to MEB in Supplied PDF's with embedded fonts   
    Hi randomjames,
    Yes, we do intend to add support for embedded fonts at some point.
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    SimonF reacted to Fixx in Import PDF with embedded fonts   
    Placing PDFs as passthrough will be a must in Publisher. There at least should embedded fonts be implemented.
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    SimonF reacted to TonyB in Check PDFs when exporting   
    If you pick one the the Prepress PDF standards like PDF/X-1a:2003 then and RGB images will be converted to CMYK for you.
    We do need to add preflight check for other items in the future but source image colourspace shouldn't be one of them.
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    SimonF reacted to NaterXander in Designer: Is there a tool to make rough edges on vectors?   
    I don't want my vectors to be so flat and smooth, but I can't find a simple way to make them rougher. In Illustrator there is a transform option called roughen, which is nice and simple, but I really don't want to use Illustrator because their subscription service is stupid. and I love Affinity too much to use Adobe products. I just really can't figure out how to go about getting this effect on my vectors.
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    SimonF reacted to JGD in Colour Separations   
    +1 for colour separation preview here too.
    And since there's a lot of code shared across Affinity apps, please make it available in Affinity Designer as well (maybe also even in Photo? Can you do duotone/indexed colour documents in Photo already? If so, separation preview might make some sense there as well)… While it's not as critical an omission, it can still be very useful in some projects and shouldn't add too much bloat.
    Also, it might allow us to no longer depend on Acrobat Pro; in fact, if we could just reimport printing press .PDF rips in Publisher without doing any colour conversion shenanigans and just check them in there, that would be golden.
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    SimonF reacted to Ealbert in Color Separations View   
    Agreed. It is one big thing missing that would go a long way on putting this app above others and near-par with ID.
    Very useful for determining if files are set up properly.
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    SimonF reacted to tnichols in Color Separations View   
    I would love to see a Separations Preview in Affinity Publisher.  I work for a commercial printer and need to see how the plates will separate, also being able to overprint is needed as well, I haven't seen how to enable that.
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    SimonF reacted to Mark Ingram in Re-size document bug -- serious!   
    Hi all, I've just added a fix and some improvements to the Resize Document dialog. It will be available in the next customer beta if you want to check it out. Hopefully with the "Resample" option disabled, it should do a sensible thing... Thanks for your reports.
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    SimonF reacted to Zero Zero in Re-size document bug -- serious!   
    Thank you CedarHouse,
    This is a fundamental issue we are talking about here -- fundamental.
    Affinity can have all the fantastic bells and whistles and bling you can throw at it but without fixing this issue Affinity Photo, as far as my work is concerned, is basically useless.
    It makes me very sad to have to say that here on this forum.
    I cannot understand why there are not hundreds, or more, users complaining about this problem.... I can only assume there are very few people here that actually work professionally for print.
    Everyone working with images should watch those Photoshop Lessons. I hate to say it but Photoshop has got this absolutely right. It's very clear, concise and very very user friendly. Affinity Devs need to take a lesson from this.
    Even something as as basic and simple as setting up a new photo document in Affinity Photo is confusion and clumsy.
    This resize/re-sample subject really does need some serious attention to fix this, otherwise, in its current state, no working designer in print can take this software as a serious replacement for Photoshop.
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    SimonF reacted to MEB in Re-size document bug -- serious!   
    Hi CedarHouse,
    As Chris said above this is already logged to be looked at. Thanks for your support/keeping at it.
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