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  1. Wish: numbered lists with leading zeros (e.g. to have the section number in a big black font with two digits (00, 01, 02 … 10, 11, 12 …)
  2. Ah, great. Thank you very much. I’ve also cobbled together a little command line that lists all my InDesign files using SpotLight’s metadata: mdfind '(((kMDItemContentTypeTree = "indesign*"cdw)) || ((kMDItemKind = "indesign*"cdw)))'
  3. How can I best migrate all my InDesign documents to Affinity Publisher? My license renewal for Adobe Creative Cloud is approaching in August, and I’ve recently bought the Affinity suite for iPad en iMac and want to migrate all my InDesign files to Affinity. I don’t want to get stuck alter on to be needing InDesign to save or export an InDesign doc in a special way for Publisher to easily open it. How to best approach this? I’m aware of Publisher’s excellent PDF import, but maybe there are better ways. Also, what are the best settings for PDF export in InDesign to assist Publisher importing them? Plus, is there a good way to batch convert or export InDesign files to secure maximum compatibility oath Publisher? Please advise.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I agree it is a bug. As a (former) software engineer, I would say that any character must be allowed. Also, I find that systems and software must adapt to human needs, not the other way around. Plus, from a technical point of view, allowing the basic ASCII character set is a bare minimum, I’d day. Thoughts?
  5. I cannot select and apply a specific paragraph style from the Text Styles window. Insertion point is set in running text. I click different text styles and the paragraph restyles accordingly, except for ¶ Body +.
  6. Right, thanks. How about the bottom of the column? The boxed text now flows back to the bottom the previous column, extending its lower part over the column boundaries. Is there a comprehensive page or guide that assists me getting my he'd around this (and mold my mental model accordingly)?
  7. At times, when I hover over some text, I cannot set the insertion point—Publisher shows the resize-left-and-right cursor instead. When I start dragging left and right, the column width changes. I have to move over and hover over some other text before I can set the insertion point, and then have to arrow key my way to the desired point.
  8. When I zoom in a current selection often wanders out of sight, beyond the window’s edges. Wish: selection’s center is centred in the window as soon as it’s falls over the window’s edge.
  9. Once I had a decoration that extended above the paragraph. When the paragraph is the first in a column, its decoration extends logically above top of the column. However, I’d like the whole decoration’s top and bottom to stay within the column’s top and bottom. How do I do thát?
  10. Nope. It’s just a landscape multipage A3 doc with a single column and text flow.
  11. Martien

    Text Styles display error

    Here you go. OKR—Doel en Demo.afpub
  12. It didn’t at first. I’ve changed the keyboard short cut to ⌘=, so now it does. What happens when you press ⌘=?
  13. Wish: ⇧W enters Presentation Mode, displaying the full page (letterbox, so with black bars top/bottom or left/right if aspect ratios do not match).
  14. Wish: Text Styles » Decorations » Rounded Rectangles, not just sharp cornered ones. Maybe even be able to add any graphic to a paragraph’s Text Style » Decorations.

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