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  1. Great, but we have to stick to Indesign for now at my company, but I use Affinity myself for all my own designs, I love their "feel".
  2. Of course. I guess it has something to do with patents and/or difficulties that Affinity don't speak about. An under the hood solution might be to interpret all fonts as curves. But it's not our task to solve it nor to "defend" the company. It´s a feature thats common, to mount existing PDFs from AD-companies in a magazine (like in my case and many others), and they, in some cases, have their own fonts and graphic guidelines that you must keep.
  3. Still no solution for this feature? Would be as simple (on the interface side) to have a button "non editable import" - or if you open a pdf you can edit it (as is now) or if you mount a pdf it show the font that is embedded (non editable) .... I'm still waiting.
  4. When you type to search for a font in Publisher 1.8 the program crashes. 1. Text box - write words and select them 2. go to fonts roll out and type to search a specific font CRASH 1. Text box - select words 2. go to fonts roll out and scroll to manually select a font - type a letter for faster selection CRASH This has happend several times with two different documents. MacOS 10.15 About a 100 fonts installed.
  5. Take a look at Procreates forum. They have a great communication with the user base, when a new feature is written about the moderator/developer mark the thread a "being considerd", "being developed" etc. Or they move the question to the right thread. Just a suggestion to take a look at their forum.
  6. This is so needed and a must have for any publishing program.
  7. Can I upvote threads in some way, so that developers know Im in need of it? (This is my upvote any case)
  8. Thats a good suggestion, but for now we just keep Indesign for our main paper, and use Affinity designer for our per ad solution. (it´s just so much better to work in affinity, the snaping is butter smooth and everything breaths creativity, too bad it doesnt have the option to import/place pdf as uneditable pdfs with all fonts intact). Looking forward to better workarounds and/or future updates from Serif. This should be their no 1 priority, in my opinion.
  9. Thank you for the reply. As I posted this I found many of the other posts that have the same problem. I hope Affinity fix this in a future update sooner rather than later. It´s a dealbreaker for us.
  10. Hi, in our companys workflow we place our own and other companies ads in a biweekly paper. Our workflow is as follows. We (3 of us) make small ads for local companies and export as pdf. We also get finished ads from others that vi place in our document. I have noticed that Affinity Publisher do not support placing ads with embedded fonts (when the font is missing it gets replaced by an arbitrary font and often the case it scrambles) I have also noticed that, as workaround, when we export our own pdfs as "text as curves" it doesn't export properly. See image 2. The outline does not follow the whole of the text but the individual characters - thats not how the design was ment to look. Is there a fix for this, a workaround or simply does Serif plan to make a proper Place for PDFs - we can not be the only ones that has this workflow. Thank you.
  11. Yes, you are right! But as you can see in my attached picture, In my case I need the picture frames to be guides for a couple of different sizes of ads, from half a page to a quarter, eights and 16th of a page. As of now the picture frame "snaps" the ad - of any size and puts it in the 16th, as it should. So thats why I have to use guide-lines instead.
  12. Thank you for the great reply, that answered my question and helped me solved the problem with what I called a "ghost picture frame" - it was a feature in the Layers panel all along.
  13. Hi, a long process led me to this bug(?). 1. Master A - create a bunch of picture frames for reference 2. on a Page that has Master A as master - "Place image" and it snaps into the picture frame. (Nothing wrong here, it is supposed to do that) 3. Ok I see! I was wrong to use a picture frame as reference (use guidelines instead) So I do what every normal person does, I go to the Master A page. and... 4. DELETE the picture frame on Master A. And drag guides instead. 5. I go back to the page in the document and here is where the bug appears. The picture frame (created when I placed the image in the "master A picture frame") is still there BUT there is no way to delete it. And it´s gone from Master A (see step 4) - so I cant delete it there either. 6. I can delete the content (image) from the picture frame on the page, but i cant delete the picture frame - it doesent exist. 5. Hence. I´ve created a "picture frame ghost" I TRIED THIS SOLUTION, BUT IT DIDNT WORK: 6. Deleted the master page A and made a new one. 7. Applied the NEW master page to the page I was working on. 8. Placed a new image, and the "picture frame ghost" was still there. I HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH FOR MY 12 spread 24 page document. Have any other had this problem?
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