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  1. But what’s meant with that in the release notes of the current beta? "PDF PlaceRaster previews are now generated for PDFs placed for passthrough …"
  2. I have not tried yet, but I’ve read in the release notes that only previews are converted to raster images—just for displaying in the layout on screen. Printing should not be affected.
  3. There are a lot of things to do. I know Serif has to weigh what to do first. For me it is THE most important and essential functionality I need. Please Serif, tell us if and when we can expect pdf passthrough.
  4. The missing passthrough is the only thing that prevents me from working with Publisher. And it’s the only reason why I still need an Adobe subscription. That’s too bad!
  5. Quite sure. I don’t know if I can explain that very well in English. Where in a character of a typeface two lines meet , there is in a good designed typeface an little white space wedge (Don’t know if in English it’s called like that …) The reason is legibility—especially with regard to smaller type sizes. Unfortunately some tools don’t respect these wedges by converting to curves. And that makes the typeface looking like it was bolder.
  6. I think that’s a matter of how accurate the curves are calculated.In a typeface.
  7. Thank you Pauls for your suggestion. In the meantime I have found the troublemaker. FontExplorer X Pro showed a bunch of problems with fonts. Clearing system and application font caches did not solve the problem. So last night I went the hard way and made a new clean install – and this time without FontExplorer letting compose the fonts and settings for the transfer to the new installed OS. And … tataaah … in Germany we say "Das Problem ist jetzt Geschichte" (literally translated "The problem now is history") … The only thing left is to finish my configuration of the mac without caus
  8. Well, it’s a first release but a proper pdf handling is in a business environment a basic need! Nonetheless in total the Affinity Team has done a very good job so far and I hope they realize this topic as substantial for the near future.
  9. Well, it’s the standard Arial Font. I’ve tried with texts from various sources. In existing documents as well as in newly created ones. So it’s not a specific document or text. And in the meantime I’ve also tried to use another font. Same thing! I’ve reinstalled Publisher (after deleting app, preferences and Publisher’s Application Support Folder) – still the same problem. Tonight I’ll try it starting the ‚crashing machine‘ from a clean new system that I have on an external drive. I’ll refer afterwards …
  10. I thought this too. I think it’s caused in the approach of handling pdf as quasi exchange format (You can open PDFs coming from other programs like InDesign). They should provide both ways: passthrough and editable.
  11. OK – now I have installed Publisher on a second mac. And there I cannot reproduce the crash. Very strange! The mac with the problem is a brand new machine with a clean install. The only thing is, that I’ve installed a couple of pdf editors during the last days for checking some things with regard to Publisher. Well, I have to look what’s going wrong on my MacBook Pro. Thank you Seneca for your reply. That helped me finding out that it’s a problem only on my system/configuration/mac.
  12. Here you can see the crash report that I get: Pastebin Crash Report I’ve restarted my mac. I’ve tried with a new created document without saving, then with saving. Always the same behaviour! MacBook Pro 13" from 2018 macOS 10.14.5 Affinity Publisher 1.7.1
  13. I’ve tried several times. Always the same behaviour: I draw an Textbox on my layout and insert a text that is too long for the textbox. When I click outside the frame with still the text tool active and switch then to move tool – no problem; all works fine. But when I switch to the move tool directly after inserting the text with overflow then instantly Publisher crashes. Does the textbox show the complete text then there’s no crash. (Sorry for my bad English – it’s not my native language)
  14. That’s true, but often one needs the possibility of percentage scaling.
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