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  1. @Fixx but without having the relation to it’s original size, which is important when working with plans and drawing with a scale.
  2. I agree! This would make PDF handling in certain situation much easier. On the other hand I like to have to possibility to edit a places PDF as it is handled right now. So, to have the option to place a PDF as-is or to make it editable would be awesome!
  3. Hello At the moment it is not possible to scale a placed PDF with % always in relation to its original size. This is necessary if you work with scale plans etc. My request is to have a % number in the transformation tool to scale PDFs always to its original size, like it is already possible with pictures. Thank you.
  4. @Murfee the % number in the picture frame is related to the pictureframe size not the original size… unfortunately. or am I wrong?
  5. @3joern you can create a mask with a rectangle
  6. Yap sure, but only once. It should be possible to change it several times. And it is also necessary to know how many percent the placed PDF is at anytime.
  7. Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately this doesn’t work. I tried to explain it in my first post. If you change the size of the PDF with a percentage number it always calculates the new size from the actual millimetres not the original PDF size.
  8. Hi Affinity community I'm glad Affinity Publisher is finally out and want to switch from InDesign (as I guess many of us). But I'm struggling with linkes PDF files. We are working with Scale sensitive plans and drawings and it is very important, that we can handle the size of the linkes files precisely. It should be possible to define the zooming in numbers (and not only slider) – how can I do that? I also realised, when placing a PDF file in a Picture Frame the percentage is not correct to the original PDF file. The 100% is linkes to the picture frame and not to the PDF file. Is this possible to change in the settings? Or am I doing it wrong? Maybe there is a much easier way and I'm used to the workflow of InDesign. The goal is to link PDF files, mask them in Publisher and have a precisely control of the "Zoom" level. Thank you for your help.
  9. becreart

    Text Variables

    okey cool, that sounds great. is there a rough roadmap available? looking forward to switch from InDesign!
  10. I would like to switch from Illustrator to Designer but therefore I also need DXF / DWG import and export possibilities. Would love to see this in the near future!
  11. becreart

    Text Variables

    It seems "Fields" can be used to insert section names etc. But it is also possible to create new fields? I'm looking to create running headers based on character or paragraph styles, where I'm able to define them like in InDesign. So, is it possible to create new "Fields" ?
  12. becreart

    Text Variables

    Dear Affinity-Team is there a plan to integrate text variables (as they are known from InDesign) into Affinity Publisher? Or is this function already integrated with another name? Best