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  1. I have the same issue from time to time. Also just in a document that is a little bigger (124mb).
  2. @Lagarto You are right. But I still think it is weird for it to display this way and export different. Sorry, I was away on a long trip... It is not a png, but an pdf, I have it attached. 7_stadtarchiv_biel_a3.pdf
  3. Hallo Also neu kaufen, wenn du es schon gekauft hast, ist eher nicht sinnvoll. Gibt es Fehlermeldungen? Welche APhoto version hast du installiert? Es funktioniert ab Du muss am Anfang beides Offen haben. Dann merkt er sichs.
  4. Yes, you are right. Although the Curves adjustment seems to work; the Gaussian Blur Live-Filter is just ignored, when exporting PDF. I tried a Twirl-Live-Filter this is also ignored, when exported in PDF even flattened. This also applies for Affinity Photo.
  5. Not really. I work with pdfs for vector reasons. 1 and 2 are also not the result i want. some areas are darker than the others, but effectively it is white and it should be the same. I think this is a problem to be fixed and not to be work around.
  6. Hello I am working with pdfs and want to have a transparent colored object above it. The pdf are mostly transparent but have some white areas in it. The colored object is displayed differently on white planes or on transparent areas. The results also varie depending on how I placed it. I expect all white colored areas to be the same color in the blue rectangle. picture frame and transparancy.afpub
  7. I mean in publisher. You have the option to link or embed a file when placing it. You can check and change this under document>resource manager When you embed your images the publisher file-size will increase. Edit: Sorry, did not read thoroughly enough. you said linked..
  8. Hello Since you have the group on 50% transparency it is showing the background. For me it is expected, since your sheet is white and your backround dark. If you want to turn your bleed white, you can change the background greylevel under settings>user interface. Either or this does not effect your pdf or any kind of export.
  9. What are your export settings for pdf? Do you have rasterise: unsupported properties turned on in advanced export settings?
  10. Just to make sure: Are your jpgs embedded or linked? For me linking with jpgs works just fine, file-size seems reasonable. Also have layers created with healing-brush. File-size increased 1mb. For the PDF size: A screenshot of your settings would be nice.
  11. thank you. Is this a workaround or is this the way to go? I think it is a little weird to group a single curve.
  12. Hello Is there a way to combine the line and arrowheads, so that when transparent the overlay is not shown?
  13. There are Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. You can see the difference in the symbol. Every text has both a paragraph style and a character style applied. Even if it is a No Style. So you cannot delete this.
  14. Hello I dont understand what is wrong with it. It works exactly like you marked it in your screenshot. Also where do you get "links/rechts" ? Partially no border would be 0mm.
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