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  1. Hello I usually save my afpub locally and link files from an external drive. I sometimes want to work without the external drive or forget to connect it. I am expecting to still work and save the file, but the files linked to the external loses the correct path permanently on saving; only the locally linked files are keeping the correct path. I have this scenario: 1. placed pdf or jpg as linked from a connected external ssd 2. afpub file saved on desktop 3. disconnect external ssd 4. reopen afpub 5. no message of any missing resources 6. resource manager still shows the pdf and jpg as linked, but on desktop path, which is obviously wrong
  2. Hello I think you are looking for the Persona features. The Beta-Versions of all three starting witch 1.7.0 support the Persona features. Maybe that is why you can't open the designer file? To my understanding Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher are based on the same foundation and fileformat. This is also the reason, why the tools look and work the same or in similar behavior. I think seperating those three programs makes sense, since not everybody needs the features of the other and it keeps the program clean.
  3. German, .330 when selecting an image: also:
  4. When working on a page, you can click on the (Master A) layer. Then in the context-bar it will show you options to edit: Detached, Linked, Context, Locked. Click on Detached. You can now turn off visiblity of the page number layer. After that click finish in the red bar.
  5. I also was not able to recreate this. I am not comfortable posting it here in the public forum because it has my private informations in there , but I will send you a download link of the file and one of the 0kb file if this helps. Also thanks for the quick fix.
  6. Yes, I have backups and I am not working on serious projects. The process I went with was clicking a file and in the context menu I clicked on replace image/document. On jpgs. it works perfectly, linking the image, afpub file gets smaller. But for pdfs it just resulted in being an embedded tiff. So next step I tried, was going into the ressource-manager and replacing the image.tiff with the original pdf. This worked, but on this one pdf it resulted in a longer than usual loading time, but was still embedded. So I deleted the layers to place it again, but at this time the pdf already gone. I decided to save, but this was not possible. "save failed because the file could not be written to" at first I only got the option to close it. Then I tried "save as..." there I got the same message, but this time also a "save as" option, which didnt work either. It just saved 0kb files. So I closed Publisher without saving. When reopening the original file it just said, that it can't be opened, because the file is not supported. After a system restart, I cleared the user data of Publisher and now I can open the file again. So this is not too bad, except the missing file.
  7. Hello I was replacing all my linked files, because of the new update. But then for one pdf, replacing did not work so I just deleted the frames to replace it from scratch. But suddenly the particular pdf vanished from my hard drive, just gone. Then I wanted to save the afpub and I got the error: save failed becaus the file could not be written to. It gave me the option to save it as a new file, but this just went into a loop, but still creating the afpub-files except all corrupt. I am not thrilled about the fact that I couldn't save as a new file and about the erasing of some linked files.
  8. This means freedom on german highways
  9. Is this Windows? Doesn't look like it at all. I have tried it with an old file, too and I am just getting one warning globally. How did you even enable this? Which Beta version are you using?
  10. Having the same issues with .312 Everything takes more time as usual. Especially zooming, refresh rate of the whole page is slow. In Windows Taskmanager, Publisher goes wild. Currently I am updating just one pdf in resource-manager and CPU usage is at 80% for AP and 100% overall and Memory-usage at 11GB for AP.
  11. I can confirm partially. Since .312 exporting a pdf is unconsistent. I have crashes, but sometimes it works. I just tried (pdf for export).
  12. Hello When opening a file and it is missing a resource the "dialog-field pop up" with the question "Would you like to locate them?" is wrongly linked. For me the answers do the opposite. - No (results in explorer being opened) - Yes (does nothing and lets you proceed) - Resource Manager (behaves as expected)
  13. Ok this is somehow what I was looking for. Thanks. What I still dislike is that the text frame is sometimes higher than needed, but this is personal preference. But I do not understand why i schouldn't use this on a master page. When I have a 50 page project and on every page there is a text box bottom left. It does make sense to place the text frame on the master page, instead of creating the text frame every single time. Also when I want to replace it, i.e. bottom right, it will be changed on all 50 pages. It is not about the content, it is about the positioning.
  14. Yeah, I thought so. I do not like the idea of detaching very much. Also I don't fully understand this feature yet, but this is another topic. I guess, preparing the styles thoroughly is an important step, for the workflow. My feature suggestion would be these two: text frame panel: add an option, which lets you fix the width; and the height would be defined by content. Vice versa. For the artistic text: control of a reference point or line. At the moment it is just the top line of the box. Also Correction to my file above: - Second Column Example is a text frame example
  15. Yes. I want to control the pivot point. So it can expand upwards not just downwards. I am an example with different scenarios for better explanation. textframe example.afpub