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  1. Thanks a lot - it works! ... even though I do not understand what the color of the program interface has to do with the bleed of a document - but good - that's new for me --> ex indesign-user
  2. note: ... the document was not created with a transparent background ...
  3. ... looks like this: (layer "gold ..." -> 56 %, background rectangle -> 100 %; background-group: 50 %) For correcting I added a 100 % white background (outside of the group) and adjustet the transparence of the group:
  4. honiglachs

    AltGr is not Ctrl+Alt

    For example, I have problems entering the @ character as usual: On Win(10) PC (-> Austria), this has always worked in all programs with the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + q, but in Affinity you have to use the keys Alt Gr + q ... until now Unfortunately, I have not found a solution
  5. honiglachs

    Problems with exporting PDF/X3

    Today, I have already invested a lot of time in the export of print PDFs: A) grouped texts had to be ungrouped, for example, and the levels had to be moved all the way up to be exported as TEXT. (Attention - if an effect is applied to the text group, ungrouping will not display a warning, only if you rasterize the text, AP asks if you want to apply the effects.) B) Linked AD files were considered pixels -Data exported - after embedding the AD files, they were also displayed as vector data in the PDF and had to be ungrouped just like the texts. I could not remove my thin lines in the cut-out images until the end ... #ap #publisher # #pdfx4 #print #PDF #text #linked #vectorfiles #designer #rasterized #ungroup
  6. Thanks a lot - I read through various threads there last night - the theme "linking" does not work (yet) in .afpub, as I'm used to from Indesign. The next problem is already when you update the pictures -> only individually possible (pic by pic), due to the "fake" linking, the .afpub file requires a lot of space, warns the publisher me, if I for example export a print PDF and the "linked images" are not yet updated ...?! ... Let's see what the future brings
  7. Thanks - is then just a not quite happy designation
  8. Unfortunately, I still have not solved the problem - an .afphoto file placed in a .afpub does not update itself (after a revision in Affinity Photo) - no matter what I try; the only chance: manually through the resource manager. If you change the .afphoto by double clicking DIRECT in the .afpub (eg the layer order) then the content is updated in the publisher document, but the change is not available in the .afphoto file. * mysterious *
  9. Tonight I will create a new test file and try it again ... yesterday I had also various PDF export problems that have not occurred today the update to the current beta unfortunately also made problems (setup error - installation only worked after a reboot)
  10. Collect for Output - really a very, very important feature (regarding images and fonts [if sharing is allowed])
  11. Collect for Output - really a very, very important feature (regarding images and fonts [if sharing is allowed])
  12. Resource Mangager and side panel is a really, really great idea !!! Despite the default setting, the linked image is not automatically updated in the publisher (in the current beta version!) ... manual via the resource manager is a bit tedious ... #resourceManager #linked #images #files #update #automatic #publisher #249
  13. thx Thanks - but I've come that far; but it does not work if the one afphoto file is in the publisher twice - then I can not show the layer A and the second placement the layer B ... that's my "problem" ... ha - now it works - just do not duplicate the embedded file ( I was so used to indesign) - you have to place it once again - juhuuu! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  14. I know this possibility from the program InDesign: insert ONE Photoshop file, but show different layers from the same *.psd. Does this work in publisher too? If yes - then I can not find it unfortunately ...