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  1. Hi Would be really helpful to change the language per document, directly on each text frame or for a marked text. The language setting in the text style is difficult to handle when it is required to work in multiple languages. br
  2. No. This setting off. Currently it is getting worse. The PDF export of the file above is > 2GB (Giga). I will wait for next Publisher update.
  3. I love the idea to edit photos directly in Publisher but the increase in files size (afpub) cannot be handled. Publisher file = 16 page all with images has a size of 256MB. This already large if all jpg's combinded are arround 100MB. After editing one picture in Publisher with the Photo healing brush tool the afpub files was 366MB (+110MB). With this file size increase it is not possible to use the Designer to do publishing work as promised. Especially when it comes to Photobook design. At the moment Photo processing must be completed in Photo, exported and then imported in
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