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  1. @wonderings Nope, just Photoshop... @broadcast Good Idea, but the result after opening the "printed" pdf is similar to the exported pdf. @Catshill I don't know about a GhostScript Method but I'm afraid it won't help for cropping single lines out of my pdf to convert into images? pdf2png might help though - I'll have a look... Is there a way to send all these coplaints directly to Serif - to maybe get an answer if they plan to adress this pdf issue? Thank y'all and greetings :-)
  2. I need to make images out of the .pdfs to put them in a MS-Word Document, so it doesn't have to be Publisher, could be Photo or Designer - but all three Affinity Programs share the same problem. Apparently these issues are around for a while, so it's about time Serif does something if they want to keep their newly found customers... They even advertise PDF handling, so it should be implicit it works!
  3. Hi everyone, seems I'm not the only one with pdf-problems. I decided to make it a new topic anyway - this is urgent! Like many other musicians I use Finale to write music. I need to put some scores in a publication and the only way to export is .pdf - and no possibility to change any settings. So I wanted to place that score in Publisher - but what I got has nothing to with the file I created. The interesting thing is: In the preview (while opening) it looks ok. I am not happy, that I still have to go back to my old photoshop CS 6 to handle things like that. 😞 I attached the original pdf made with Finale - and what Publisher made of it. And yes, all the fonts are installed and available - and with PS all is good... BTW: I bought Aff. Photo, Desinger and Publisher and I like working with the progs very much - but things like that are very annoying (I tried for more than an hour to get it right)... Please help - Thanks a lot Ralf Finale.pdf Aff Publisher.pdf
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