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  1. Yeyy ...that suggest its going to be implementet? ... When can we expect it? Hmm that wouldnt make sense to me ... i used it quite often and i really enjoyed it. Would be nice to see this feature again!
  2. I have been waiting for this for a year! Please implement it... Dont get me wrong you are amazing
  3. Hello, Hi, Moin! I described my issues regarding the PDF format but they may apply to all other formats and also Images. (In example like improved the linking function etc.) I encountered following bugs: Pdf Bugs Fonts which are used and embedded in the PDF but not installed on the System are not displayed. No matter if PDF is embedded or linked. Preflight notices it but a button only links to the font manager wich shows everything is fine (since it only shows font issues in the afpublisher file). Using the embedded font/font Letters like a PDF reader may be a solution. Linked PDF cant be edited anymore like in the usual way of double clicking it. PDFs should be editable if embedded or linked. When a font is not installed and only embedded in the PDF, Replacing the fonts, creating vector paths from the embedded font, or using the embedded font/font letters may be a solution to continue the workflow anyway. Not a Bug but: Please make it more comfortable to relink ressources in the document. Like if the tree structure of the files and folders remains but with a change to a new location (a new drive). In example Lightroom searches for more missing files in same directory that has been used to relink another file. Sorry if some of the terms i used regarding Affinity Publisher doesnt make sense ... im not using the Affinity Suite in Englisch but in the latest Version 1.8.3
  4. yeahhhhh please would be mindblowing to see that!!! Are u planning forward to implement this feature?
  5. @Affinity please make this possible its is essential as many said ... and is there an official statement about this problem? btw the app is still amazing ... i love the editing pdf feature too LG
  6. Hi I would also like to see an external DAM application because yet no other DAM really supports affinity photo in terms of panorama and hdr. The only big problem i see is that aff photo doesnt allow non destructive (without sidecarts) raw (image) editing and having twice every file on the disc isnt the best choice... It would also be breathtaking to see if the DAM could auto keyword the images (like Excire Search as a plugin for Lightroom) that would really speed up everyones workflow Lg Marc Henry (btw best companie and apps )
  7. I would also appreciate if you could implement this feature When im already on this kind of topic i have also a request. Can you please improve the isolated view (alt mouse click). It would be amazing to see if you could use all tools without canceling the isolation. Thanks!
  8. Moin, Is there an easier way to archive the result shown below? The effect (blur) should only affect a part of the picture. It should work dynamically so you don’t must update the image manually and get problems with the alignment. If there is no other way - can you please implement symbols to Publisher? I had to create a symbol in Designer and copy & paste it to Pub. The feature would also make it a lot easier to mask out parts from a background and bring them on top over some text... but it would work that easy because you still have to adjust the mask after moving the picture... we probably need another solution for this. --- (just noticed it now... u can keep the second "t" maybe u can use it la[ ]er) Lg Marc Henry dynamic pictures.afpub
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