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    derei got a reaction from ESPR in Your Affinity 2020 wishlist   
    Hi, not sure what is your workflow, but until AF Designer has Trace Bitmap implemented, you still can benefit of this feature for free: Inkscape is free, open source vector drawing software with a rather decent and powerful Bitmap Tracing functionality.
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    derei got a reaction from Jowday in Resize Canvas - Percentage required!   
    One of the most needed features in resizing the canvas is percentage! We have percentage in Guides Manager, but we don't have it when resizing things. How much is 50% from 3255? Yeah, I need a moment to figure it out too... but if we would have an option to choose percent along with mm, pixels, points and other units, that task would be performed by the computer (this is why we invented computers, i believe).
    So, if there isn't too much trouble and the Affinity Development team is listening, it would be awesome if the next release has this feature.
    Best wishes!

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    derei reacted to loukash in Your Affinity 2020 wishlist   
    Stop adding features for a moment and fix the bugs instead!
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    derei got a reaction from Frank71 in AutoTrace (convert raster image to vector)   
    The absence of bitmap tracing feature is a big minus for Designer... definitely reducing its appeal among professionals.
    Even Inkscape (free/open source) has a decent bitmap tracing engine.

    Hopefully Designer will have soon too.
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    derei got a reaction from Alfred in BLUR GRADIENT   
    Although this topic seems old, maybe someone would be interested to replicate my method (i'm using it for creating shadows):
    ☐ Image_to_blur ⬕ Live Filter - Gaussian Blur (HIGH value)  ⬛ Live Filter - Gaussian Blur (LOW value) Apply a gradient masking on the topmost live filter, to reveal the second blur filter applied. 

    * it doesn't matter which filter is on top, as long as you apply the gradient on the topmost one and the direction of the gradient reveals the blur transition in the desired direction
    * the Blur Live Filters have to be applied as children to the layer to blur, so they will only affect that one.
    Attached an example of this procedure, along with the complementary layers to cast a shadow.
    * for gradient blur, only the info in red boxes is relevant. The gray info is only important for shadow casting.

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    derei got a reaction from Gackt in Knotty Lasso selections (video included)   
    I noticed the "jaggy effect" on other types of selections, for the same reason of "selection lock on pixels" and it often requires editing of the mask, to remove this irregularity. Smoothing the selection still keeps a very "wavy" line, unless considerable smoothing is being applied, but then the selection gets affected everywhere.
    So, this should be improved in a future release.
    Thanks for making AF better!
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    derei got a reaction from Steps in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    done. I added your suggestion. thanks for pointing it out.
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    derei got a reaction from Steps in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    you loose all data since the last autosave due to this issue!!
    Just got this nasty error when tried to save. Luckily I had a previous save and the file recovered automatically without too much work progress loss.
    I'd like to know the cause and what possible steps to take in order to prevent it in the future.

    Worth mentioning:
    I am using pCloud, which creates a virtual drive on the computer and I was saving there. Could this cause any issue (the sync process could take ownership of the file temporary or, to lock it in some way)? it is the first time when it happened, although i was saving the same for many times.
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    derei got a reaction from Steps in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    I was referring specifically to the situation when Affinity can't save (due to remote disk communication issue) and it closes the document on purpose (that's not a crash, is a deliberate command). So, before closing the document, Affinity could simply make a recovery file with everything that hasn't been saved yet and then close. I really can't see what is the issue here.
    But instead, as it is now, AF Photo will forcibly close the document and any unsaved edits are gone... sad, very sad.
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    derei reacted to fde101 in How to "release" an element from a page, that has a Master Page applied?   
    That is the problem.
    The current version, in which that feature was added, is .221.
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    derei reacted to carl123 in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    Be careful what you wish for.  Last time I complained about something I found a horse's head on my doorstep the next morning.

    Coincidence? Maybe, but Nottingham is not that far from where I live.
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    derei reacted to dutchshader in Purple contour line around text, how to disable it?   
    In the snapping settings uncheck " show snapping candidates" 
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    derei got a reaction from v_kyr in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    Guys, this debate became way too generic. There are two types of interruptions: short (milliseconds - seconds) and long (minutes or even permanent). Two different approaches for two different situations:
    if interruption is short, that means is most probably "sleeping" and it needed a wake-up signal, or it was a short network drop, or something else. But this also means is back in no time. So, after the first failed attempt, the software should warn the user, WITHOUT CLOSING THE DOCUMENT and the user can check the connection of the drive (in explorer, for example) and then try again to save. if interruption is long or permanent (someone simply unplugged the drive, or internet is down), there isn't much to do. Obviously the document has to be closed, but maybe a better recovery system could be implemented so all tools and operations can be recovered since the last successful save on the disk. Now, as long as there isn't any "observer" or "listener" to check connection continuously, I see no reason why there would be any negative impact in performance. Just don't close the document until the user performs another attempt to save. Keep everything on stand-by and there is a very big chance that the connection will be re-established with the help of the user. I really don't see where is the issue here, conceptually speaking.

    Also, having a cached copy locally would be a safety measure, a redundancy point. Yes, more space occupied on the local disk... and I see no problem with that. The storage media is meant to be used. I'd welcome a setting in Affinity to allow me to decide on which drive to create a "cached copy" of the current documents. I'd be happy to reserve ~10GB or so for that, when Affinity software is open, just to make sure my files are safe. Of course, there are issues here: what if you have Photo, Designer and Publisher open at the same time? Well, whoever wants to do graphics they usually invest in a decent machine with decent storage... there has to be a compromise anywhere.
  14. Haha
    derei reacted to R C-R in Save Failed because ownership of the file could not be verified   
    The problem with a lot of so-called "proper" fixes is they break things more important or useful than whatever they are intended to fix. <Insert snide comment about Brexit here>
    EDIT: Dang! @derei beat me to it. 
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    derei reacted to JDW in What is the difference between Lanczos seperable and non-seperable.   
    Are you a designer or programmer?  If the latter, you're in the wrong place.  You are here among VISUAL DESIGNERS.  That means we go with what we see, not with what theory or scientific data says to us.  If something looks sharper to my graphically trained eye (with Photoshop and Illustrator experience that spans the entire life of those products), then IT IS SHARP.
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    derei reacted to JDW in What is the difference between Lanczos seperable and non-seperable.   
    Since no one knows what the difference is between Lanczos 3 "separable" and "non-separable" may I suggest that Serif put something more meaningful and descriptive into those parenthesis instead?
    In my testing, Lanczos 3 (separable) enlargements and reductions a tad sharper than Bicubic, and Lanczos 3 (non-separable) is much sharper.
    So I would think the Resample popup should read as follows:
    Nearest Neighbor Bilinear Bicubic Lanczos 3 (sharp) Lanczos 3 (sharper) Because, quite honestly, "separable" and "non-separable" may appeal to the left-brainers, but isn't Affinity Photo appealing to our right-brain creative side?  Yes.  So make the descriptions more understandable, please!
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    derei reacted to Gabe in How To DRAG Guides in AF Photo?   
    Hi @derei,
    Welcome to the forums. 
    First, you have to have Rulers on ( View > Show rulers )
    Next, you can drag from the ruler's divisions: from up > downwards (for horizontal guides) or from left > right for vertical guides
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    derei reacted to HVDB Photography in How To DRAG Guides in AF Photo?   
    using the move tool ...

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