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  1. Hi! I think it would be very helpful if I could see all of my activated text across multiple pages when the text frames are connected. Right now, if I press cmd A, I can see text activation in the text frame of the currently focused page but when I scroll down or up to other pages with linked text frames the text is not activated. Thanks, Frank
  2. Hello! I can't wait to use your amazing software, and finally, finally quit my Adobe subscription. I bought all three Affinity products just the other day. Now I have to learn that AD doesn't provide autotrace. That actually means I can't quit Adobe because I'm using that tool so much ...! I found a feature list from 2014. Do you have any update on when I can expect that tool to be provided? I think this should be an essential feature, and I almost can't believe AD doesn't have it. Maybe I just didn't find it? Thanks, Frank