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  1. Yea this is one major reason I haven't jumped onto the affinity wagon just yet.. Tools, colors, resetting their values when opening new files is ridiculous. I also work on numerous files that need the same unique settings that I predetermined on the first file. It's a loss of time re-establishing the same settings over and over again. We've already gotten all the best tools and functionality we can possibly think of, now it's about which company can give the fastest, easiest smartest way to help us do our job. Sadly it's still greedy ADOBE. ;( Whoever does it right will get a billion users jumping the Adobe ship.
  2. Same thing for me. I find it very counter productivw that affinity also won't remember the 2 chosen colors between different opened files. What's worse is I can't eyedrop between different opened files. Eyedropper can't pick a color from document A when document B is currently focused.. This needs to be addressed...
  3. Same here, as a concept artist AP has room to grow. Maybe photo hobbyists don't care so much, but concept artists use lasso quite often So having a dependable lasso tool is essential. Hopefully you gets addressed by the team
  4. What Photoshop does and easy paint Sai, is you hold down the newest tool. So let's say you first start with paintbrush(B) . Then you want to erase, you would HOLD down (E) and erase whatever.. Once you let go of (E) Photoshop and Sai automatically reverts back to paint brush. It's really intuitive.
  5. Yes I've had the same experience. AP's overall ux has room to improve. The lasso tool feels "bad" to use for me, swapping between straight and organic with shift key isn't consistent and the selection sometimes adds extra pixels I didn't select.. Lots of small rough edges makes the whole user experience not great.. Hopefully the affinity team can sort it out. I really want to support their efforts.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I started way back from 1995?so I remember the early days of ps. Affinity is definitely giving adobe a run for their money. Which is beautiful. Someone needs to stop adobe's greed. There's still room for affinity to make the UX better. I agree there's still a bit much manual clicks needed(been using the trial) affinitys not quite there yet for me to leave PS. But in time I think they can get there for sure. I still feel slow working in Affinity photo after 3 days of use. It took me 3 days to get acquainted with blender and I'm happy to say I've finally left autodesk for good. Blender shortcuts and genius UX blew me away. Anyways I'll save this for a Blender forum
  7. Yea it works. But it kinda feels bad to use. I primarily paint with a wacom... And my Rmb is the top most nub.. So I have to crimp my fingers upwards in a claw shape, while dragging. Lol. But that's just me, for mouse users I'd imagine it is fine.
  8. Oh thanks for letting me know. It'd be great if there was a preference toggle, to be able to keep the inheritance for the users that need it. I personally need to inherit values between files. I'm making videogame textures, so I often use the same colors across different files. Having the color toggle reset is frustrating... The eyedropper doesn't work well at the moment too.
  9. When you right mouse button this pops up. Of course you should be in brush mode. I'd much rather prefer how Easy Paint does it. It's holding down CTRL + ALT and LMB drag.. but I don't think this is an easy feature to implement for the Affinity team. Easy Paint
  10. Hello, I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug. But the color toggles don't inherit from one file to another. Also eyedropper requires you to open the other file, which results in the color not eyedropping in the correct file. Edit: One workaround is to make a swatch table with the colors you need. Something I never used in Photoshop, but I guess the best option with the current workflow in Affinity. I made a video to demonstrate the bug\ feature. It's a bit of a time killer because if I have 10 files that use the same colors, I need to do alot of eye dropping over and over to get the colors I need. Video Thank you
  11. Hello, Sorry one more small feature request. Could we please have the function to copy \ paste layer effects when RMB the layer? edit: For those wondering, the function exists. But you need to first copy the layer in its entirety (by selecting it), after which navigate over to the edit button with the new layer selected and press Paste FX Thank you
  12. Hello, There's been a lengthy discussion about it already. But it's perhaps in the wrong channel? I hope it's ok that I brought it over to the Feature Request channel It would be great for productivity to have a crop to selection function. Thank you
  13. Hello, Sorry for more topics about features. Can we please request a RMB feature for Brushes? It would be good for productivity if RMB opened a quick access to the brush width , opacity, flow and hardness values? Or a Keyboard shortcut like CTRL + ALT + LMB to change the size and hardness of the brushes in real time? Similar to what Photoshop has. Thank you
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