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  1. Chimperil59

    Crop - Constrained

    I'd have to go back to school to read that thread. It takes off on a tangent about nodes. I'm concerned with cropping. I just did 100+ images from an event last night. Every photo I had to rechoose the crop tool. It won't default to last tool used. Ever image I cropped I had to select constrained. That's 2 clicks I should never have to make. I get all done and find out the crop tool changed every images DPI from 300 to 72. Seriously, what photographer uses 72DPI? So, now those 2 extra clicks translate into however many it takes me to correct every photo. I can't even set the image sizer to percent! So, it appears I can't even batch them because of the mix of perspectives. It's going to be a very long day. I really should be asking for my money back. No, I just need it to work for me - not for the designer. If I were doing 1 image at a time it would be great. Shooting events doesn't give you that kind of luxury. All I'm asking is to have it more user friendly.
  2. I know this has been talked about, there are forum questions years old on the topic... Is there ever going to be a time when I can set the default for cropping to my own settings and have it stick from one photo to the next and one session to the next? Standardization really dictates that constrained be used for better than 99% of my work. That one extra click is a real nuisance and the hold back from me being able to use, support and recommend this product to others. I really need to be able to set it to constrained, set the size in inches, and set the DPI of the completed crop. Raw conversions would also benefit from being able to specify the resulting DPI. This is all in regards to the Photo product, not the designer one. Thanks Chimperil59
  3. How do you get the default to stick to constrained original aspect. I rarely use unconstrained which appears to be the default - Mac user. Thanks
  4. I've been waiting to buy just for this one feature... I created a macro to auto adjust white balance, color, contrast and levels. Saved it to the library. Opened the New Batch job. In the panel, I selected all the images (64 of them) into the left panel. It was populated and showed the image thumbs and file names. I left the save to location as original so the new files would overwrite the old ones. Changed the save as file type to jpg and made sure the sizing was empty and the A box check-marked so that the size would not change. Selected and added my macro from the list to the box on the left. At no time during that process or at the end, did the OK button light up and become active. I watched the video and the OK button was lit up the whole time. What am I missing in the process? I did reboot after installing the software. I've also tested the macro and it does work. Just the Batch - which was the major reason for the purpose at this point that isn't working. I'm running a year old MacBookPro with a Core i7 and Sierra loaded. Thanks Chimper