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  1. thank you @GabrielM for the explanation. I get much smoother Lasso selections with Lazy Nezumi's "Speed Smooth" activated, so it looks like you're probably right about Photoshop using some kind of default stabilising behind the scenes. For now I'll use Lazy Nezumi with Photo's Lasso tool.
  2. I'm a concept artist and often start a piece by blocking out large shapes using the Lasso tool. However, when drawing organic shapes, Photo's Lasso tool does not give the clean edges that Photoshop does. I whipped up THIS quick demonstration video, showing results of the Photoshop lasso vs the Photo lasso.
  3. As a digital illustrator and concept artist, Switching from Photoshop to Photo has been relatively painless. Thank you Affinity! That said, the two key Photoshop features that I wish Affinity Photo had are Arbitrary canvas rotation - 15 degree steps is a very clumsy UX for illustrators/painters. Lockable layers - We need a lock that protects a layer from being edited
  4. Coming from Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony (animation software) I agree. I've struggled a bit with AP's tool shortcuts for the same reason. The "override key" function means that by holding its shortcut key, any tool can temporarily override the currently active tool. +1 this would be a great addition
  5. I would also like to +1 this request. As a concept artist, illustrator and gamedev switching from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, I'm very excited for updates, but honestly I'm a little surprised to see this thread is a few years old.
  6. +1 here (also a UE4 gamedev). Despite the slightly unfriendly workflow, I'm just happy channel packing is possible in Photo at all, because it means a step toward cutting the Photoshop leash completely. For most of AP's shortcomings, I get the feeling we're looking at early versions and that these tools and processes will improve with updates.