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  1. I'm guessing since TGA is still not supported, it's never going to be ... but game development still relies on that format. Not supporting it is limiting the markets that Affinity Photo can penetrate.
  2. WarrenMarshall

    Affinity Photo for Game Devs

    Thanks Red!
  3. WarrenMarshall

    "Hot" tool keys, like in Photoshop

    To be clear, this works for any tool. So another example would be using the stamp tool, hold down B to make some brushes strokes, let go and it pops back to the stamp tool.
  4. I'm sure there's a proper term for this but I love the feature in Photoshop where I can, say, be using the brush tool. I hold down Z, change my zoom level, let go of Z and it pops back to the brush tool. That is a fantastically fluid workflow and I think would make a smart addition to Affinity.
  5. WarrenMarshall

    Affinity Photo for Game Devs

    Going to +1 this request. Channel control and being able to save to TGA are important to making inroads into the games industry as a tool ...