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  1. @boovie Thanks for the headsup, will check up when I get a chance to download latest beta
  2. Hi David, I only had a brief look at the video, but you can press alt, then click and drag to duplicate object in Affinity Designer for Windows, then press cntr-J to duplicate the action further along. There is a few variations to to the Windows and Mac version, but easy enough to get used to - nothing major :)
  3. Hi Kawaiikitten, Have a check from menu, document, colour format as it might be in greyscale. I have done this in Photoshop previously :) If not, try to open new document and paint in there or other document that you have painted in previously. It might also be the paint mode of the brush, so check that it is in normal mode - hope this helps :)
  4. Thank you so much Paolo, your brushes made all the difference although I soon got the urge to tweak a bit :) Once I am done I have probably tweaked back to your original settings, heh :) Again, great work!
  5. @Zinc @retrograde Thank you very much for positive comments. I had a look at kevincreative portfolio at Behance and had to add this to my follow list :) Looking great!! :) I have been trying to mix/match illustrator and photoshop in the past for more painterly look with the clean edges from paths, but find with Designer this process feels much better. My main concern with other vector programs had been how very different the feel was to placing nodes and connecting the shapes, but for this I believe Designer has got it spot on. We are still missing a few things like a good cut tool and being a
  6. Hi everyone, I felt very connected with illustrator until Affinity Designer came along :) I have about 10 years of experience in Adobe suite, but funny thing is after a year abouts in AD/AP I have a hard time going back. Affinity is still young and have a few quirks/bugs to get familiare with, but found that brain of Affinity is very responsive and working hard to get this nailed down properly. At this rate, I believe there will be a strong and active community building a sound and strong future for both and I am very excited about what the future will bring.
  7. Hi there everyone :) I am very happy to have completed a winter illustration entirely in Affinity Designer using a Wacom Cintiq Pro 13. I have been experimenting with Designer in my spare time in order to try out a few ideas combining vectors with texture brushes. This one was done in designer 1.5 and I have to say it has treated me very well as I progressed towards making the piece work as a whole. I do quite like clean shapes with a painterly/texured feel to them, and so with this one I feel that I am moving in the right direction at last. The project was sketched out from scratch an
  8. Super thanks for quick feedback and great work. Very excited about future :) I would like to add that issue is also in Affinity Designer when in pathmode as can be seen from attached image. Using path tool, then moving around with space will leave point where moved as though the tool was clicked here. The point on the right of drop displaying where the hand-tool was when moving during path tool operation.
  9. No issue on Mac at all so this seems to be with Windows(10) only. Hopefully this bug will get sorted as it is important for painting or touch-up work. Workaround would be to move from outside object but hopefully a quick fix could solve this.
  10. I just got the 13. Put up a quick demo here with Affinity Photo :) https://youtu.be/vBmTHac2RUs I made a playlist with a rundown and connection also.,
  11. Hi Team, In navigating document, brush will leave marks on canvas while using shortcuts. Is also the same for using mouse or other input device so believe if it is bug related to Affinity Photo. It is ok for painting men with beards, but not suitable for princesses :) I am not sure if this is default behaviour? I would love to see a fix for it though so asking the question here. Like this: https://youtu.be/3lFCgFhqasY File link below and attached: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eufkngdift0k9zx/AAAmgzREu2xN_zjmJ1a0do51a?dl=0 Specs below, running latest drivers on all devices:
  12. I have the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 and had the very same issue. I have now updated my Cintiq drivers from 6.3.19-6 >> 6.3.19-10. which seems to have solved it! :) I am running OSX 10.12.3 Beta (16D17a) on mid 2013 MacBook air, so not sure if that also had something to do with it.. I also found out that it affected some shift-control combo, like cntrl add to selection. As a workaround I used the i-key as toggle for a while, but could also use alt key with touch input as workaround. For this last part, I thought it would be nice to have an option to offset the sampler zoom by 25px as finger co
  13. Hi fellow illustrators, artists and designers, I made a short and "classic" trace tutorial for Affinity Designer. I do a quick break-down of steps taken from sketch to "final". For me it is a also a short test for moving from Illustrator :) I take around a minute for each step. Original artwork is from micropython.org, so consider this trace as fanart for the above :) I will add my own sketches in the future when I get the time and hopefully also more complete in concptual illustration terms. For the moment, it is more of an exercise. Hopefully the tutorial will bring some value. D
  14. Agree with muscle memory comment above although I am not against finding new workflows that works better than previous learned. First post.. chucking these ideas in here. 1. I would like to be able to at least assign shortcuts to existing functions such as "lock layer/object" that exist or be able to activate it through the layer palette where I can noq only turn it off but not on. Being able to lock/unlock trace layers would be a huge help for me at least. 2. Love idea of mixing vector and pixels and the workflow here works nice. Now I would like to have drag-activated brush-size to
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