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I think the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts will address a lot of the questions/wishlist items for many here. I think in another forum somewhere it was mentioned it will be an up coming feature... I can imagine there's some back end magic that needs to be in place before it can be realized. Can't wait though!  :)

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Agree with muscle memory comment above although I am not against finding new workflows that works better than previous learned.


First post.. chucking these ideas in here.

1. I would like to be able to at least assign shortcuts to existing functions such as "lock layer/object" that exist or be able to activate it through the layer palette where I can noq only turn it off but not on. Being able to lock/unlock trace layers would be a huge help for me at least.


2. Love idea of mixing vector and pixels and the workflow here works nice. Now I would like to have drag-activated brush-size to pixelbrush with a decent smudge and updated dirt/texture brush :)


3. Better speed on the vector-brush :) It updates a bit choppy here when using pressure on wacom


First vector app that I am looking into after being dissappointed with many other newcommers... illustrator user of over 10 years here :)

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I miss a lot of shortcuts, too. I like the fact that you din't try to invent a complete new set of shortcuts. Please just stick to the standards. It makes the transition so much easier. 

What i miss: 


Cmd + E for export

Cmd + D for Place

Cmd + B for Break into Curves


And a german keyboard compatible "Move forward" and backwards shortcut – cmd ] [ does not work since we have to do it with alt key? 

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If an application doesn't have an obvious "Invert" command, I guess Command+I would be nice as it stands for "Import".
Actually, almost all applications used to "Import" instead of "Place" because "Import" is the counterpart of "Export".

The "Import" command means "insert into the document, another document that is not in the native format" and the "Export" command means "save the current document in a format that is not the native format".

And I agree wholeheartedly. InDesign is the best app from Adobe, besides Photoshop, that is ;-)

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I'm new to Affinity Designer after using Fireworks since it was created by Macromedia. PS and Illustrator are so overly complicated for simple graphics production...Thank Zod for Affinity Designer now that Fireworks has been tossed aside by Adobe. 


The TWO keyboard shortcuts that are really missing for me are Duplicate (whatever is currently selected) and Place...


On a Mac, duplicate has always been cmd + D. That just makes sense. 


For "Place..." it's Shift + CMD + P in Illustrator and also just makes sense that it would be the same in Affinity products. 


In searching the forums first before I created a new feature request thread, I see there is mention of custom keyboard shortcuts. My workflow will definitely be much faster once I can create the usual shortcuts. 

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