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  1. Kawaiikitten

    A couple of model portfolio images

    It seems my web browser is altering the colours and brightness....the learning quest goes on.
  2. Although not drastically altered I use Affinity Photo for processing the raw images and then a little bit of tweaking. These two images were for a local model for her portfolio. I recently bought the workbook and am going to start going through it to improve my skills. Thank you Serif for an amazing editor and also for saving me a fortune ( Adobe's loss) Catherine
  3. It was the initial startup of Affinity, seems fine now after the prefs reset.
  4. OK, I seem to have resolved the problem by opening affinity whilst holding the Ctrl key and resetting all the saved preferences, it now loads in about 4 seconds.
  5. How can I fix the problem ? I've not added any fonts recently.
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help. I really love affinity photo and so far its been great but just recently its taking a long time to open. It can take over a minute when opening a jpeg. All the other programs on my Mac work as before, I hope someone can help me. Once its running it performs fine. Affinity Photo 1.6.7 OS is High Sierra ver 10.13.4 16MB Ram Processor i7 2.3Ghz Thanks Catherine x
  7. Thanks for the tips Leifm,I forgot the cardinal rule.....if in doubt reboot, lol that seems to have fixed it. its the peril of leaving your computer in sleep mode and not shutting down :(
  8. Hello, Please be gentle it's my first post. For some reason, my Inpainting brush paints in a grey colour instead of red. It still works and was red in the past. It's not a problem, but I'm just curious what I'm doing wrong. Thanks Catherine
  9. Kawaiikitten

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm Catherine from the UK. I'm in my final year of a fashion degree and have used Affinity Photo for a few months, I'm loving it :) and hope to become more proficient over time. My setup is a Macbook Pro and an external monitor, a Wacom Bamboo tablet and a Nikon D5500. Feel free to say hello.