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  1. I use an external Bluetooth keyboard a lot with my iPad; I just noticed yesterday that I couldn’t input file dimensions into the new document setup screen using the keyboard; I had to actually touch the numbers on the screen. It’s a little thing, but it would speed things up if Designer could accept numbers typed from the keyboard in dialogue boxes. (I say BOXES, even though I haven’t tested it elsewhere, sorry.)
  2. Not at all; and I couldn’t agree more. Anything that gets us all to the tools we need is fine with me.
  3. Well, I did say in my experience.
  4. Thats not accurate in my experience; working with individual files for chapters makes managing books much easier.
  5. The InDesign feature I use most—weirdly—is the INDB book feature, where InDesign creates a container file of sorts to hold a pile of individual InD files that make up an entire book, as well as manage their page numbers. Being able to manage chapters individually is vastly easier than working on a 300+ page single file. Would love to see this implemented—or something like it.
  6. Hi— Sorry to be so long replying. No, its not a PS printer, but the same font prints from other apps (TextEdit, Illustrator) although I suppose there may be some emulation working behind the scenes. Printing from curves works fine; I'm just trying to be sure how things work before I sent a job off to a press, say. Thanks, I'll keep testing.
  7. Sure, here you go—thanks for the help. fun lunchbrochure_inside.afdesign fun lunchbrochure_inside.pdf
  8. Genius, that was it! Thanks Paul!
  9. Thats an excellent point, I'll test it. Thanks!
  10. When I create a rich black object (CMYK 65/65/65/100) in Designer, and print it to my b&w laser printer, I get not a solid black but a slightly dot-patterned one, as if the file is trying to separate itself. Which makes all black text look awful. I can get a solid black print if I set the document colour mode to Gray, but mostly what I want is crispy black text surrounded by colour objects if needed. Am I missing a step? Thanks—
  11. Hi— The font is Gotham HTF. I did end up using curves to get it to print via PDF, but that can't be the ultimate solution; i feel like I've missed a step; either that or I've found a brand-new bug. :) I apologize for using'hash text'; there may be a technical term but I don't know it. Photo of print attached to this message. As far as I can see, the font is being replaced by postscript gibberish. All of that text is set in Gotham HTF in the document itself. Renders fine on screen; won't output. Thanks for the help—
  12. I set up a mostly text-only doc in Designer for layout; used an actual paid-for HTF font, and it looks great on screen. When printing, or exporting to PDF, I get postscript hash text instead of the font/text. Font was manually activated using Font Explorer, and I've had zero issues with the font or printing the font using Illustrator in the past. Also tested the font using TextEdit, no issues there, either. Any idea? This is as close to a deal breaker as it gets for me; seems unwieldy/antiquated to convert text to curves to print or export.
  13. Thanks, everyone. I've got a 2013 13"Air, and the Affinity stuff is terrific on it. Am just looking to run smaller, and the 11" is too small. I still have a lot of residual affection for my old 12" Powerbook from the early 2000s. If/when I get my hands on a 12", I'll report back.
  14. Would love to see export of fixed-layout and reflowing ePub files. Looking forward to Publisher regardless.
  15. Has anyone tried Designer or Photo on the new 12" Macbook? Curious about performance. Thanks!