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  1. Is there a way to set the defaults for hyphenation and justification to be permanent? Meaning, if I have specific settings for H&J that I want to apply to every document; is there a way to make those settings the default for new files in Publisher? Thanks!
  2. A lot of work needs doing, for sure, at least from our perspectives as users. That said, I've been using Publisher to build out novels for a client since its release this past summer, and while there are some extra steps, it's more than made up for by not having to pay Adobe every month. Would I like Publisher to do more of the stuff I want it to do? Surely. Will I manage until it does (or if it never does)? Absolutely.
  3. Hi— Mac OS, 10.14.5. 2015 MacBook Air, 2.2Ghz Core I7, 8GB ram, 256GB storage. Initial failure was trying to save 30.1 MB afpub file; 99.5% text with some small vector embeds. Was working fine, until it suddenly wasn't. All saves to my internal SSD, no external saving. Pasting crash was from trying to move a text box from the original document to a new, smaller afpub file (ended up recreating the book as individual chapter files, rather than one long one.) Also, had three random crashes yesterday, from no discernible action, when using smaller files. The only pattern was that I
  4. Now crashing on random events; PASTE after copy event, either in same document or new one. Pretty frustrating.
  5. Working on a book, 30.1MB, text only. A few limited embedded vector files. Worked great til yesterday, now Publisher crashes on an attempt to save. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. I use an external Bluetooth keyboard a lot with my iPad; I just noticed yesterday that I couldn’t input file dimensions into the new document setup screen using the keyboard; I had to actually touch the numbers on the screen. It’s a little thing, but it would speed things up if Designer could accept numbers typed from the keyboard in dialogue boxes. (I say BOXES, even though I haven’t tested it elsewhere, sorry.)
  7. Not at all; and I couldn’t agree more. Anything that gets us all to the tools we need is fine with me.
  8. Thats not accurate in my experience; working with individual files for chapters makes managing books much easier.
  9. The InDesign feature I use most—weirdly—is the INDB book feature, where InDesign creates a container file of sorts to hold a pile of individual InD files that make up an entire book, as well as manage their page numbers. Being able to manage chapters individually is vastly easier than working on a 300+ page single file. Would love to see this implemented—or something like it.
  10. Hi— Sorry to be so long replying. No, its not a PS printer, but the same font prints from other apps (TextEdit, Illustrator) although I suppose there may be some emulation working behind the scenes. Printing from curves works fine; I'm just trying to be sure how things work before I sent a job off to a press, say. Thanks, I'll keep testing.
  11. Sure, here you go—thanks for the help. fun lunchbrochure_inside.afdesign fun lunchbrochure_inside.pdf
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