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  1. Phil in Welland

    Publisher Beta crash on save

    Jon P, Sorry for the delay, been away. Attached is a file that was created and successfully saved in Beta. On subsequent opening if I attempt to do anything, i.e. line return, and save, then crash! Clayton Wagons.afpub
  2. I reported yesterday that I was experiencing crashes on saving using the release version. A report back from Pauls: Quote: There has been an issue with unpinning objects which have been detached from a master object. Unfortunately this corrupts the document. We believe this is fixed in the beta version. You would have to recreate the file in the beta version and that should work. If that still crashes we would definitely like to know. I downloaded the Beta and set up the project again, and it was working fine. But is now crashing again. Seems to me to be still linked to the pinning function. A crash log is attached. Publisher Beta crash log.pdf
  3. Phil in Welland

    Crash on saving the document

    I'm having the same problem when saving a particular document - this was started from scratch using the final release version of Publisher, i.e. not the Beta. Crashes every time attempting to save or save-as. What I'm attempting to do is adjust a pinned item (floating image box), and also use the decoration panel so set a horizontal rule before paragraphs. I've attached the crash log if it is of any help! I can start a new document from scratch, put something in it, and successfully save it, so the problem seems to be in the one mentioned above. Phil in Welland crash log.pdf

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