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  1. I love Affinity Designer, I'm using it allot, for UI design for presentations, it's a great tool . I even use it for small texture work when I need to do something sharp . But Affinity Photo it's well how to put this ... I would like to use it but I'm always returning to Photoshop . Why ? Well because the workflow for copy / pasting textures into channels is not that intuitive ( the spare channel flow ... ) and the problem of exporting TGA's . I prefer a tga instead png's because of the dedicated alpha channel .
  2. Why do this workflow so hard. What's wrong with copy/paste workflow ? The photoshop way . With this workflow we're doing too many clicks for a simple operation . What's wrong with : Step 1. Open image Step 2. Ctrl+A -> Copy Image Step 3. Select Alpha channel -> Ctrl+V - Paste Step 4. Save
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