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  1. Oh guess I have to wait for the next update then, in 1.7.0 (Mac) it does not show for me. (Or maybe it only displays if you have publisher installed/or it is a windows-only feature for now.) Anyways thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey @Aammppaa thank you! Thats is nice to hear! Currently I have only AP and AD, so the shortcut does not display in my settings. Will the feature be available when running Designer/Photo or only when in Publisher? If it will be available in all three apps that is exactly what I've been wanting
  3. We can already set shortcuts to switch between different personas, and that works perfectly fine. But the way your applications are designed makes it so that we sometimes have to switch between them for only a single step. I think having the option to use shortcuts to move the file to AP/AD or APub and then back would make the process smoother (I know we can already do it manually via the menu, but having a shortcut would makes your suite feel more like one big application/way more interlinked). I'd greatly appreciate that .. and thanks for all your work, I really enjoy your apps! PS: oh and this suggestions is for the Desktop versions

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