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  1. I am not sure if you understood my post correctly. I am not about finding a specific NEF, but to convert multiple NEF files at once with a single click and a single preset. Just as we speak I am currently doing this with about 270 pictures I have just taken. It's absolutely impossible to convert all of them by hand.
  2. I know it's slightly offtopic, but if any of the Affinity peeps read this: listen to Warren. Good to see you here, I learned a ton from your tutorials!
  3. Sicne the twitter team of Affinity pointed me to the suggestion sub of this forum, I want to put emphasis on this detail again. I shoot a lot of RAW files for photogrammetry. It means, that I have tons of RAW images (about ranging from 50 to more than a couple of hundreds) that I have to batch process. My workflow so far is this: Take the pictures, open Adobe Camera RAW or Photoshop, open the RAW files, adjust all the values, curves and sliders as I need them and just click export for all the RAW files. This process takes longer to run through then to set up (as I also have a preset for my little studio, but I still do outside photogrammetry). I currently cant do this in Develop Persona as far as I understand. Firstly, opening the images in full quality and not just preview aka load one at a time in the preview window as killing my computer. It's just impossible to open that many RAW files at a time. Secondly, I also can't go through that full set of pictures one by one..... So please, this is actually whats holding me from cancelling my Adobe sub.
  4. I have to say: I am hesitant because those features are missing. I tried about 15 minutes on how to copy stuff into channels but gave up after this. It is very crucial for me to have this work, same as full TGA compatability. The chance that I will purchase it is high. But not now.