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  1. Hey all I would like an preference setting to force AP to ALWAYS save as an afphoto file rather than having to go through a separate "save as" step. I work with different image file formats and while the raw images are forced to be saved as afphoto during development my jpg files are vulnerable to being over written.. Have this preference would prevent me from overwriting my originals and make AP universally non-distructive. Thanks Gary
  2. Question to the authors. Why do you force a separate develop step when adjusting raw files? I understand that raw files are processed differently. I shoot raw because I want that extra flexibility for post processing the file .. What I don’t understand is why you chose to add a completely separate step into the workflow. When I work on images from a single event I’ll be working on files from different cameras and file formats ( JPG, NEF, CR2, DNG, TIFF). From the “keepers” the processing is pretty much the same, for all images adjustment, edits and export the processed images. I actually export two files. One a full sized “cooked” jpg and the other a smaller file suitable for WEB and sharing. The adjustments are pretty standard :Crop/rotate, adjust WB, exposure, color, saturation/vibrance, sharpening. Occasionally I’ll remove / add elements and more advanced edits, but that's more the exception that the rule. Using Affinity Photo I pretty much have to do those adjustments twice for the raw files. Just seems so redundant to me. And for me this makes my workflow much less efficient. From a users perspective it would be much easier ( less cumbersome) if I could just stick with the Photo Persona and have the “extra” raw processing capabilities available. My workflow would be identical for all the images I have to manipulate. Under the covers I would expect that the software would process the files differently.But all that should be invisible to me. I’ve tried Affinity Photo a few times since it became available for the MAC. I just haven’t been able to get an efficient workflow going using it however. I just don’t “get” how you envisioned Affinity Photo being used, and haven’t been able to get “into a groove” with it. I was an avid Aperture user, and have been using Lightroom since Apertures demise. Using both of those packages I can get from selected originals to processed/shareable image very quickly. Had to use Photoshop or Pixilator to do complex edits but that's maybe 5% of the work I need to do. I bought Affinity Photo last week. My Lightroom subscription is coming due this month and as much as I really like working with LR on desktop and iPad Im looking to get away from the subscription model. I keep hoping that AP can be my "one tool" to adjust and edit images but I just need to work out how to fit it in. As an aside I use Photo Mechanic for ingestion, metadata editing, and culling as the pre step. So if you could work a little better with PM that would be great. Thanks Gary
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