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  1. I did and it makes a straight line, but if you want a perfectly vertical or horizontal line, there's no substitute for holding the Shift key down and then starting a line.
  2. It would make drawing straight lines for design work much easier. PIXEL and BRUSH TOOLS Holding down Shift Key constrains tool to straight vertical and horizontal lines.
  3. Hello Affinity, Since I've been suing Photoshop for eons, I still use several old keyboard shortcuts that would be really nice to have in AP. INTERFACE - It would be nice to have a brighter option for the UI. I know that many people like the new style of darker UIs, but I still prefer the brighter option in Photoshop. The icons create more points of contrast in the darker UIs and find that distracting. MARQUEE - Move marquee with spacebar while making a selection - Hide “marching ants” of selection (Command+H in Photoshop) - Holding down the [Option+Command] with the Marquee selected selects the Move Tool and allows access to its functions. CROP TOOL - Escape Key deselects the Crop Tool and reverts to the previously selected tool. BRUSH TOOL - Right-click Contextual Menu for brush controls ADJUSTMENT LAYERS - Shift+click on an Adjustment Layer mask should turn the mask off and show the effect of the layer
  4. Hello Affinity, Congratulations on creating the first real competition that Photoshop has ever had. Photo is a great application! I found a few small bugs in the UI. They're just minor annoyances... nothing major. MARQUEE Inconsistent Keyboard Shortcut Response - Select Marquee Tool - Hold down [Command+Spacebar] and click to zoom. - The first click is usually counted as a “deselect” instead of a zoom. When clicking quickly, the second or third click usually causes it to work properly. - The behavior is the same when using [Option+Spacebar] to zoom out. Shift Key Should Add To Current Selection - Select Marquee Tool - Make a selection - If the Shift Key is held down and another selection is made, it should Add to the current selection. Currently, it deselects the current selection and begins to create a selection that’s constrained to a square. The Option Key behaves properly in this respect because if a selection is made and then another selection is made with the Option Key held down, it Subtracts from the first selection. INPAINTING TOOL Icon Changes to Move Tool Icon - Select Inpainting Tool - Click canvas scrollbar and mouse back over the canvas - Icon will have changed to the move tool icon - Tapping the spacebar will revert the icon to its proper state ADJUSTMENT LAYERS Option Click should also revert to non-mask view - Option+click shows the contents of an adjustment layer mask, but it should also return the user to the non-mask view when they click on the mask again.
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