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  1. oh, Table Of Content, sry my fail. Ok, but where can i find this function?
  2. ah, thats sounds good. Thanks for answer. What is TOCs?
  3. Hello Community and Developer. Publisher is intended for creating PDFs, but how can I create bookmarks and tables of contents in Publisher like in Acrobat Reader? Also, I can't find a function to create form fields. Can someone tell me how its work, please.
  4. +1 for this feature´╗┐ request neet it
  5. more specific context menu entries for each tools and an option to customize the context menu in settings.
  6. need Import/Export option to create icons in affinity photo. thanks.
  7. Attinity

    DXF and DWG

    +1 need it
  8. ok, but i think its the same problem, shortcut prefference, or that its a simple solution path...
  9. I Use a Roccat Tyon/Leadr Gaming Mouse with 32 Button-, and 4 Scroll functions (shift function) on a rubber mate and a Cintiq. but I can't assign all shortcuts with ALT+ CRTL+ Shift+ fuction or assign the scroll wheel in prefference. and I can't assign a shortcut with ALT+ CRTL+ Shift+ and scroll wheel in prefference.