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  1. Yep, there are some bugs and the crashes are happening a lot, but for the first time in graphic application use history I'm not worried when it happens as Photo's one big feature that works VERY well is is Recovery Feature. I will assume the other features will follow this prime example.....
  2. This is happening a lot. If copy and paste - actually, now I think about it - from one monitor to windows in my other monitor Photo crashes..... Weird but true.
  3. I have a consistent issue when altering the size (zooming) of the displayed window. The contents reduce by less than 50% except when zooming using hotkeys when the full image will flash at 100% for a second. Its weird. It appears that any editing occurs correctly - even though you can't see where the edits are occurring.
  4. Filmdesigner

    DXF and DWG

    Any attempt to import a DXF via a PDF will break any contained CAD information and make the information less useful.
  5. I have recently moved from Photoshop to Affinity and so-far its an impressive alternative - however - no SHIFT-CLICK to draw a simple line???? This is SERIOUSLY frustrating and a big issue far beyond its simple implications.....
  6. Please Please Please. I love the Affinity applications but this is the one thing that has me frustrated.... I am an illustrator that uses architects plans to build from and the import of other formats isn't satisfactory. Thanks.