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  1. Please implement DWG import! It is the only reason I keep needing to go back to Illustrator.
  2. Yes it doesn't have. That is why I'm proposing two ways for them to implement this. I believe it it will make the feature much more useful.
  3. Hello, Thank you for your great work with publisher! It is surely on the top of my list for the most wanted programs in the last few years. I've been reviewing some pdf files of projects I have done in indesign. The import is not perfect but one thing stroke my eye more than the rest. Forms, in my case circles and rectangles, with dashed strokes and no fill are imported as separate lines. This led me to try to replace these forms with publisher native forms. Doing this I noticed that it is pretty hard to ensure that the strokes and the spaces are all equal. There is always either a space or a stroke that is larger then the others, and this doesn't look good. This happens because the program (I latter went to check if affinity designer also does the same, and it does) takes the starting point of the closed shape and divides the lines into the dimensions that are set under dash on stroke panel. Phase allows the shifting of the starting point, but doesn't solve the problem. To have it equally divided (spaces and dashes) it is a hit and miss affair. It requires playing with the size of the stroke and space and the scale of the object. The problem then becomes impossible when you have predefined sizes for the shape. You have to start playing with decimal cases to have an equal division. I understand this a small problem, but for me is a very common one and it has an equally simple solution, actually two: Solution 1: Have proportional divisions (1:1, 1:2, 2:3, 2:5) besides the existing ones. The user would introduce a number of divisions (the number of parts the polygon boundary line is divided into) and then a set of proportions ( 2(line): 1(space):...) in the existing fields of dash. Solution 2: Have a tick box that would scale the introduced dimensions to the interval of closed polygon line. Then the introduced sizes wouldn't match with the real values, but since it is an option there is no problem... Best regards, circles.afpub
  4. Hello MEB! Yes, Rhino prints to PDF. I can open that pdf in affinity designer, but I bump into other types of problems. As stated in another post (link bellow). Do you think I should contact McNeel? Or this AI / EPS problem is something that can be solved on Affinity side? The fact is that both these files open in Illustrator. And I also have the same problem if I export from Autocad to EPS and then open in AD. I'm struggling to find a good workflow between CAD (Rhino3d and AutoCAD) and Affinity Designer. With Illustrator its pretty easy and quick to bring CAD drawings in to do add fills and custom artwork, but Affinity doesn't open dwg or dxf files, ai/eps doesn't work, and with pdf some types of geometries can cause problems. Can you or anyone point me a direction on this? SolucaoC1.eps
  5. I can't open ai or eps files exported from Rhino3D. These files work fine with Illustrator, but when I open them on Affinity Designer I only get a blank canvas with one layer. The canvas aspect ratio is coincident with the expected information, but I can't find the vector work. Thanks Rua.EPS Rua.AI
  6. I have done this multiple times but for some reason it is not working with this file. I went over all the answers in this post but I still can't connect the lines. This file was printed to pdf in Rhino. In rhino each polygon is a polyline. Some layers have more than a polyline. Affinity Designer merges objects in each layer into a group. Ungroup doesn't separate the several poly lines and if I try to add fill only some get fill. Dividing the group splits the largest poly into lines but then it isn't possible to join them again! I uploaded the original pdf and the resulting file after dividing the polylines. Rua1.pdf Rua1.afdesign
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