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  1. @Char_Zard13 Could you be more specific on what you feel would adjust the strength of the stabilization? I use Photo primarily for illustration and feel the stabilization strength is adjusted exactly how I would expect a strength option to affect it with the 'length' parameter. I might have missed another way of thinking of what a strength adjustment should do and perhaps a more detailed explanation would help in understanding. A little off topic but regarding: I'll happily disagree with this. I'm still using Photoshop for various tools that have yet to be realised by Photo but I've moved over to Photo entirely for my illustration work. I was a Corel Painter user a few years ago too but none of them can rival the responsiveness of canvas manipulation that Photo has. With a trackpad in my left hand and a pen in my right I can slide and zoom and spin a large canvas to exactly where I need to make the next mark in an instant without lag. It's smooth and bridges the gap between the pros and cons of doing similar on traditional mediums. A few more brush parameters would be welcome but I'd rather have the responsiveness over a few extra parameters. If I can't make good work with the brush options already there, more options won't cure that. The built in brush stabilization suggests Affinity are pretty interested in the software for illustration. It would be too much of an afterthought if illustrators were not in mind. Though there's a little bit to go yet, the amount of parameters in brush and mixer brush provide a great platform for professional work that holds its own.
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