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  1. I love drawing! and i know photo isn't really made for it but i still use it like that because i like the lay out etc! And i know there already is a pen stabilizer but is there a future update or plugin that will add more control to how strong the stabilizer is?
  2. Char_Zard13

    FREE Tone Mapping Portrait Presets

    Loving the mapping... If you could upload a quick tutorial on how you did it like what you messed around with to get the warm feeling it would be cool but thanks for posting this stuff!
  3. Char_Zard13

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    what does the plugin really do?
  4. Any body found a better equivalent to using the beaker tool to pick my colors, like a color pallet tool. Iv had affinity photo for about 4 months and until a couple of weeks ago I didn't think about it but now it sounds like a smart idea. Please help as in a guide... iv checked the new board and I didn't find any help there.
  5. Char_Zard13

    astronomy photos

    dude im still confused on how you shot this even though u explained but just... wow
  6. MEB can you tell me if this is implimented now? because shift and arrow moving is annoying while also making sure the pixels are the correct apart even with the thing that tells you the pixel distance....

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