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  1. Affinity has been extremely forward thinking with their Photo and Designer.... I prefer the speed and ease of use over Photoshop and Illustrator. I have become aware that Affinity will be coming out with Affinity Publisher soon which is also exciting. But if Affinity can produce a video editing software that has the same speed and ease of use as their other products, I would be extremely excited. There are practical things I think Affinity would implement in their video editing package that the other big name brands (Final Cut Pro, Premiere) would not conceptualize. And the same would be true if Affinity made a compositing software. So please please make a video editing package and compositing package that gives me an excuse to stop using Premiere and After Effects! With all of these apps combined... not only would Affinity become a Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign killer..... but a Creative Cloud killer in general!
  2. 1) A wider variety of selection tools.... especially for Photo. Photoshop still has superior selection tools in terms of both how many they have, and how they are implemented. Affinity Photo is awesome.... but a more diverse set of selection tools would make it that much more awesome 2) The ability to change the size of of the thumbnails in the layers panel. This would help for those projects that have lots and lots of layers. 3) The ability to color code layers, groups, and folder groups in the layers panel. This speeds up workflow in that a user can quickly scan lots of layers by color instead of having to read the name of every layer.
  3. I would like to build on the idea of arrowheads being added. This was covered to some degree by a different poster but I want to add a couple of things: 1- Arrowheads being added to either end of the Pen Tool one the Bezier has been drawn. Different arrow head type option and can also make an outline around the line. 2- The arrowhead tip automatically snaps to shapes used as nodes to make diagrams (like what can be done in MS PowerPoint, but if Affinity does it.... will be way faster. 3- Basically a way to make fast decision tree diagrams and nodes.... Thanks! David

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